The EdTech Effectiveness System

Organize, streamline and analyze your education technology to
save time, save money and improve outcomes.


Save time

Make every step in the edtech lifecycle easier for teachers and administrators so you can focus on what matters most - students and learning.


Save money

Increase purchasing power, eliminate unpaid licenses , and improve organization-wide compliance and financial decisions.


Improve outcomes

Equip your team with timely, rigorous evidence and insights to drive instructional decisions and improve student outcomes.


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“Every year, schools and districts spend millions on products that don't move the needle for students.

LearnPlatform is the right solution, with the right team, to help us solve this massive problem."

Former Procurement Chief | Chicago Public Schools


Why Use Our Platform


Increase return on investment

Schools, districts, and state education networks improve their financial and instructional returns with LearnPlatform, often saving more than 9 times their subscription.  


Insights you can trust

Get real edtech reviews and insights from verified educators across districts like yours, who have used any of the more than 7,000 products included in LearnPlatform.


Edtech management made simple

Reduce headaches and save time for everyone by simplifying processes for product vetting, approvals, procurement, implementation, and measurement, all in a single platform.


Equity and security

Equip students to succeed by ensuring their access to the safest, most effective resources available, thanks to transparent insights on more than 7,000 edtech tools.


What is LearnPlatform?

LearnPlatform is an edtech effectiveness system that
equips education organizations to control their "Wild West" ecosystem
by empowering them to organize, streamline, and analyze their technology to save time, save money, and improve outcomes.



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