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Discover Digital Tools

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Share your voice. Impact the edtech used in your classroom and across your school. Connect with peers on what tools work. Earn points and redeem them for gift cards.

Verified educators earn points for:

  • Grading products.
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  • Adding products to the library.

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Features of the LearnPlatform edtech library:

  • 5,000+ edtech products - Updated daily!
  • Tens of thousands of contextualized insights from verified educators.
  • Links to product websites and 3rd-party reviews across the web.
  • Ask educators questions about any product.
  • Searchable by topic, grade, subject, device type, and more...

"LearnPlatform gives teachers a great tool to quickly decide whether a digital tool is for them."

Elementary Teacher and Media Specialist | Underwood Elementary, Raleigh, NC


Educator community.

The LearnPlatform verified educator community is more than 100,000 teachers strong - and continually growing with classroom leaders across the country. Educators utilize the platform to share best practices, classroom insights, feature comparisons and product usability with peers to drive better instruction and student outcomes. Ask others about a product, collaborate on improvement plans and understand what’s being used across your organization and in your network.

“I'm a believer. LearnPlatform gives our teachers a voice and our district the data to make better decisions."

Superintendent | Harrington Park School District

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Shining stars in education: Our edtech heroes.

Everyone needs a hero. And everyone can be a hero. Taking risks, asking tough questions, doing more with less and finding new ways to work smarter so they support their teachers and students with the best possible learning experience. Driving academic outcomes, protecting student safety, making the most of budgets and leveraging technology to ensure equitable access are their super powers. We are fortunate to work with edtech heroes every day and celebrate some of their awesomeness here.


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