School Districts

With LearnPlatform, superintendents can harness the wealth of educator knowledge and experience in their district to better evaluate product usage for edtech tools, identify cost savings and focus efforts and resources more heavily on what is working best in the classroom.

A district-wide LearnPlatform also gives leaders a single, easy-to-use and easy-to-access hub to analyze what is working across their schools, allowing them to make more data-driven financial and instructional decisions.


Benefits for school districts.

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Know How Often Products Are Used

Know How Often Products are Used

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Improve Teacher Capacity

Improve Teacher Capacity

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Analyze Student Outcomes

Analyze Student Outcomes

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Run Efficient EdTech Pilots

Run Efficient EdTech Pilots

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Time

Save Time

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Money

Save Money

 LearnPlatform, District-Wide, White Label

With a district-wide LearnPlatform, you can: 

  • Easily evaluate, organize, and support classroom technology
  • Improve instructional decisions and ensure compliance
  • Make data-driven budget decisions
  • Give your educators a voice
  • Improve effective technology management from classroom to boardroom

Personalize Learning @ Scale.

Personalize Learning @ Scale

The Personalize Learning @ Scale framework uses a research methodology to help school districts  identify their stage of edtech management and infrastructure to better understand how to drive instructional outcomes for each and every student.


Partner Results and Published Research

Elkin City Case Study

Elkin City used LearnPlatform to create a wealth of actionable data and comprehensive analytics to help them begin to understand which edtech was being used across the district, how educators felt about what they were using, and IMPACT™  Analysis results on key edtech products. 


2015 EdTech Usage Trends

When districts reviewed usage of their classroom technology during the 2014-15 school year, they discovered a great deal of their investment was being wasted. Districts found that 65% of student edtech licenses were not used enough to meet any of goals set by the product companies or the districts. Only 5% were fully used. How much is edtech was actually used during the 2014-15 school year? How did it impact outcomes & your budget?

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System Integrations

LearnPlatform integrates with your current edtech software to provide your team with the most accurate analytics and streamlined results possible.

G Suite for Education School? Chromebook School or User?

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