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A word from the founders:

LearnPlatform’s mission is to expand equitable access for all students to the tools and technology that work best for them. 

Local and state education agencies, and their partners, use our technology to organize, streamline, and rapidly analyze their education technology to save time, save money, and improve outcomes for students. In the execution of this work, these organizations do sometimes provide, collect, and/or analyze student information within LearnPlatform, in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

We take this responsibility very seriously. In addition to using our platform to make data informed decisions about technology use, many local and state agencies use our software and systems to manage how they comply with student data privacy requirements as well. We recognize and respect the trust placed in us, and maintaining this trust is a core tenet of what we do. 

Our Ongoing Commitments


Your data is your data.

Put it in, take it out, we’re glad to support that.


We never market to students.

We do not market anything to students. We never share or sell student data. We don’t provide data to or sell information to advertisers.



We never sell information to advertisers.

We never share any information with outside marketing agencies or sell any personal information.



Any and all student information is only used for educational purposes.

Student data shared on our system are only used to meet defined educational goals. We use industry best practices to protect this information and ensure this information is secure and is utilized for its educational purpose. Further, no student personally identifiable information (PII) is visible on our reports or analyses.



We designed our system to minimize data collection from the beginning.

We equip education agencies to fulfill their mandate with rapidly available, accurate information and analysis for data-driven decision-making with the least amount of data possible. For example, our Google Chrome extension, among other things, provides insights into which education technologies are accessed by teachers and students in order to create inventories, identify privacy compliance of tools, and save teachers time. While some other products and extensions track all web traffic, our extension only collects information on specific edtech tools in our product library (whitelisted tools), and we only collect what we need to identify what tools are used.



We believe data privacy, security and data minimization are ongoing processes.

With changing technologies, risks, policies, and needs, our team continuously invests in ensuring we are living up to our commitments, not just being merely legally compliant. This includes continuously reviewing our tech stack, whitelists, best practices to improve data minimization, and the ever-evolving technology landscape to meet the goal and mission above. When technology changes, or internal or external stakeholders identify opportunities to improve, we respond.



We comply with federal, state and local regulations.

Our processes, procedures and technologies support district compliance with FERPA, and are fully in compliance with COPPA and state regulations. We also review, agree and comply with data-sharing, data protection, and other local agreements.



We are committed to transparency about our efforts to continuously meet and exceed expectations in student data privacy.

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The following policies describe how we protect and manage the information entrusted to us.


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Bill Fitzgerald is our senior privacy officer; feel free to contact him with any questions on data privacy and security.


Updated: August 5, 2019