Teachers know how edtech tools work for their classrooms, and when they don’t.

Now you can too.


Give teachers a voice

Teacher Feedback equips you to:

  • Target single or multiple products for feedback

  • Gather feedback from any teacher, group, school, or district and share with stakeholders across the district

  • Customize questions to get clear, actionable feedback
    on any tool


“The collaboration with LearnPlatform was super helpful. We were able to collect useful, structured feedback on education technology products for our analysis.”

Head of Innovation Research | WestEd



Put feedback to work

With Teacher Feedback, technology and curriculum leaders can:

  • Gain qualitative teacher insights into what aspects of a product do or don’t work for students

  • Give teachers a voice in edtech decision-making and deepen their communication with the Central Office

  • Learn from the experiences of their peers 


See how Teacher Feedback works for your organization.