States and Networks

With LearnPlatform, state and network leaders can leverage the power of collective knowledge, aggregated feedback and student outcomes, and applied educational technologies to better negotiate and secure unified contracts, extract optimal pricing and contract terms, and ensure compliance with ever-evolving federal and state regulatory requirements.

With a central overview via a single login, easy-to-consume dashboards and real-time reporting, LearnPlatform provides a comprehensive snapshot of everything being used across your entire ecosystem.


Benefits for states and networks.

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Time

Save Time

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Money

Save Money

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Improve Teacher Capacity

Improve Teacher Capacity

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Increase EdTeach Return on Investment, ROI

Increase EdTech Return on Investment

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Manage EdTech Contracts

Manage EdTech Contracts

LearnPlatform, Benefits, Rapidly Analyze Edtech Impact

Rapidly Analyze EdTech Impact

Power in numbers.

The benefits of a unified edtech management system increase exponentially as the members of that network expand. For states and learning networks, that quickly translates into streamlining product management cycles and realizing exceptional purchasing power. LearnPlatform helps centralize data surrounding usage and efficacy and applies a consistently replicable process to the time-consuming procurement process. The platform essentially eliminates disruptive sales calls and the time and energy decision-makers across the network waste on them.

Partner Results

The Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Silicon Valley Education Foundation utilized LearnPlatform to efficiently harness the insights of teachers across dozens of Bay Area schools. Currently they are working towards a unified edtech contract for participating districts and product companies.

System Integrations

LearnPlatform integrates with your current edtech software to provide your team with the most accurate analytics and streamlined results possible.