Principals can empower and engage their technology committees and teachers by fostering improved communication and alignment to school improvement plans through the use of LearnPlatform. Increasing collaboration, sharing of best practices and edtech product feedback, measuring utilization and highlighting student outcomes in a central, accessible place allows schools to increase buying power, focus on tools that work in classrooms and share data with parents and PTAs.


Benefits for Schools

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Know How Often Products Are Used

Know How Often Products are Used

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Money

Save Money

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Gain EdTech Insights From Verified Educators

Gain EdTech Insights from Verified Educators

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Save Time

Save Time

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Increase Purchasing Power

Increase Purchasing Power

 LearnPlatform, Benefits, Analyze Student Outcomes

Analyze Student Outcomes


Using LearnPlatform to manage your edtech, you can quickly: 

  • Boost morale by giving teachers a voice. 
  • Increase purchasing power and budgets by identifying significant product savings (often more than 50%). 
  • Improve student outcomes by knowing, and using, what works.
  • Align leadership and technology team efforts to school improvement plan goals.

Our Implementation Success Team will get you up and running quickly, with very little effort required from your team.

Partner Results and Published Research


Lipman Middle School

Lipman Middle School ran LearnPlatform's IMPACT Analysis to identify potential savings and student achievement metrics on a widely used edtech product.

 LearnPlatform, Research Brief & Rubric, LearnTrials

Research Brief and Rubric

The Lea(R)n grading rubric is a research-backed tool designed by, with and for educators to help them share insights and feedback on the learning technologies they use in their classrooms.  


System Integrations

LearnPlatform integrates with your current edtech software to provide your team with the most accurate analytics and streamlined results possible.

G Suite for Education School? Chromebook School or User?

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