LearnPlatform’s mission is to expand equitable access for all students to education technology that works.


We believe efficacy should matter.

Our award-winning team of educators, researchers, technologists and thought leaders are delivering ground-breaking tools that save money, improve learning and build the capacity of thousands of educators and their organizations.


Teachers deserve a voice. Administrators need a partner.

Data-driven, peer-reviewed legitimacy is at the heart of LearnPlatform, and is a cornerstone of our organization. Built by, with and for educators, the platform empowers learn leaders with consistent, proven data that they can trust. We are a catalyst for leading education networks, states, districts and schools to uncover the most relevant, actionable information on edtech investments to drive efficacy and get the most out of the tools that are working for teachers and students.

Our commitment to our partners, peers and employees is to:

  • Be authentic.

  • Share information transparently.

  • Uplift impact and learning success stories.

  • Elevate the value of data in decision-making.

  • Exercise product neutrality.

  • Help maximize resources and outcomes.

Our commitment to equity:

We work with schools, districts, states, institutions and other education organizations to offer cost-effective solutions to serve their unique needs and close the achievement gap - including discounted subscriptions and services.

Results matter. For everyone.

LearnPlatform is committed to equitable access. Technology, and specifically educational technology, should level the playing field — bridge gaps in environment, achievement, learning styles and access to resources — not expand the divide. That’s been a large part of the promise of digital learning and edtech, and without that promise, the LearnPlatform team would be solving other challenges. Or scooping ice cream, running karaoke joints or bartending on islands. But, fortunately, edtech has tremendous promise to make a difference for learners, so we created LearnPlatform, along with the game-changing IMPACT™ technology that analyzes actual utilization and achievement data so any organization can access the timely insights they deserve to help all students learn.

This provides schools with the data that they need — from their teachers and verified educators from across the district, state and country — about the most effective edtech tools, how those tools can help students in like scenarios learn and what teacher leaders are doing in their classrooms to help kids succeed and prepare for the rest of their learning journey on the best foundation for college, career and life.

LearnPlatform helps education organizations of all sizes organize, streamline and analyze their edtech — offering on-demand support, real-time reporting and dashboards, and verified educator community engagement for every component of an increasingly complex process. Anytime access to the LearnPlatform team is like having a fully staffed research and evaluation office on call — one more way we demonstrate our commitment to equity.

Always free for teachers, with free starter license for administrators:

  • LearnPlatform provides teachers with a collaborative, verified peer community in which they can see, grade and share edtech products, practices and resources with one another (while earning points redeemable for gift cards).

  • The LearnPlatform Starter license offers comprehensive easy-to-read dashboards delivering real-time edtech access analytics for an organization-wide view of what tools teachers and students are using, how much and how often. Dashboards aggregate Chrome Extension data and insights to provide a snapshot of what's going on in the district — at no cost, with no change in practice and no PhD required.


Equality in education is not only core to our mission, it’s core to our business model, to our corporate structure as a B Corp (benefit corporation), and to how we help schools, districts, networks and states.

To support equality across the country, regardless of zip code, we offer free and discounted resources and services to districts with less than 5,000 students and/or Title I designation. 

To learn more about what your organization qualifies for, contact us.