Get your edtech house in order.


Regain control of your edtech.

District Professional equips you to:

  • Take charge with a product library for your entire organization

  • Give educators a clear view of what’s safe and approved for use 

  • Maintain compliance with federal and state regulations

  • Reduce the pain associated with managing product licenses, contracts, and documentation


“LearnPlatform gave us a streamlined approach to vet, recommend, and create a custom library of instructional-based applications for our district and each teacher. Our community is happier!

Director of Learning & Innovation | Portola Valley School District


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Simplify communication with parents and teachers

With District Pro, you can:

  • Clearly communicate what edtech is approved for use in the classroom 

  • Share product reviews from the LearnCommunity to aid teachers’ edtech selection

  • Easily share student data privacy information with parents on products students are using


See how District Professional works for your organization.