EdTech Accessibility: Questions, Answers and Solutions

Lea(R)n is committed to equity. Technology, specifically educational technology, should level the playing field — bridge gaps in environment, student demographics, learning styles and access to resources — not expand the divide. In our conversations with educational leaders at all levels, accessibility has come up again and again as an edtech equity concern. We’re answering four questions to extend the discussion and help educators across the country continue working to level the playing field and drive equitable access to benefit all students:

What counts as edtech accessibility?

Why should I care about accessibility?

What should I be doing about accessibility?

What does this have to do with LearnPlatform?


Improving Learning Outcomes Through Rigorous Yet Practical Research

This week we are in Orlando, Florida for OLC Accelerate, a conference designed to drive quality online learning, advance best practices and provide a space for innovation and exploration for educators, administrators, edtech leaders and organizations.  

Lea(R)n co-founder and CEO, Karl Rectanus and Senior Research Officer, Dr. Daniel Stanhope are attending the conference to share a session titled “IMPACT: Improving Learning Outcomes Through Rigorous Yet Practical Research” on Wednesday, November 15 from 2:45 - 3:30 as well as collaborate with education organization peers and innovators from across the country.

Collaboration and Continuous Improvement: Shaping a Better LearnPlatform

Thank you. 

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible value that you contribute to LearnPlatform. Every day, leading educators and innovative administrators give usability feedback, share edtech insights, analyze tremendous amounts of data, set compliance and purchasing requirements, run product trials and continue pushing for greater flexibility and configurability from our system. These efforts reflect real-time challenges evolving daily in our classrooms, and we are honored to work alongside you to solve these — to continue improving LearnPlatform with relevant features and functionality. We value every comment and challenge, and use those to make LearnPlatform better. So, from our development, implementation, research and support teams — and your verified educator community collaborators — thank you. 

Your complete edtech management system has evolved a great deal this year, with enhanced educator and administrative user interface components, increased speed, advanced features and more intuitive process communications and workflows.

Spine-Chilling EdTech Nightmares: Tales From the Classroom

Technology can be great. So many wonderful things have happened solely because of technology but it’s no secret that with these advances, a few hair-raising nightmares have staggered out of the woods with chainsaws or lurked in closets waiting to pop out at just the wrong time. Glitches, bugs and mishaps, (*cough* user error) occur with more frequency than we’d like to admit — inside and outside of the classroom. So, in the spirit of things that go bump in the night, enjoy a few spine-chilling accounts of real-life edtech nightmares from these educators.

We’re Getting Better at This EdTech Thing

Since 2014, our team has been committed to expanding equitable access for all students to the technologies that work best for them. We believe that results matter — because when results matter, purchasing, policy and practice start to conspire to help all kids succeed. As a research-driven organization and a technology company, we let the data tell us how the world is progressing. The data is good. Read more in this blog post by Lea(R)n CEO, Karl Rectanus, and download your copy of the 2017 EdTech Usage Trends Report.