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We’re Getting Better at This EdTech Thing

Since 2014, our team has been committed to expanding equitable access for all students to the technologies that work best for them. We believe that results matter — because when results matter, purchasing, policy and practice start to conspire to help all kids succeed. As a research-driven organization and a technology company, we let the data tell us how the world is progressing. The data is good. Read more in this blog post by Lea(R)n CEO, Karl Rectanus, and download your copy of the 2017 EdTech Usage Trends Report.

It Takes a Village: Discussing Educational Innovation in the Home of the KC Chiefs

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire community to support the educational development of a student. The community, as an integrated ecosystem of stakeholders (e.g., educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, funders and policymakers), must work together collectively to improve outcomes for each and every student. This realization motivated the formation of Education Innovation Clusters (EdClusters ), which are collaborative networks of key partners (educational, research and commercial) that work together to promote evidence-based educational innovation, close the digital divide and improve teaching and learning. 

Solving Digital Courseware Challenges

An all too familiar scene in the world of higher education continues to unfold across the country – new edtech products are continually released as institutions face mounting pressure to better select, implement and scale their digital learning tools. The digitization of classrooms is the norm and successfully leveraging digital tools is expected for competitive, high-functioning organizations - both for those institutions that vie for student enrollment and those that welcome graduates into their professional lives.

Resources to help administrators and faculty select, manage and measure appropriate digital tools have not kept pace with the proliferation of edtech entering the market. If you need some help getting your arms around managing tools with your faculty and students, here are some of the main edtech challenges we hear from working with colleges and universities, and resources to address them. 

Not Just For the Classroom: EdTech Analytics with a Growth Mindset

Fixed mindset and growth mindset are widely used terms to describe the beliefs people have about learning and innate intelligence. While often used as a learning theory for students, these terms are less often applied to education leaders. Read this post by Lea(R)n team member, Dr. Amanda Cadran to see how she encourages a growth mindset when it comes to edtech analytics and what they mean for organizations.  

Is Butter a Carb?

As a team of amazing educators, researchers, technologists, writers and analysts from all walks of life, various parts of the world and different generations, we spend a great deal of time together, helping educators and administrators across the country make informed edtech decisions to improve student outcomes. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In our daily kickoff meetings, collaborative project sessions and customer calls, someone inevitably says something like, “Anyone? Anyone?,” “Turn it up to 11,” “I will taunt you a second time,” or “A schooner is a sailboat,” prompting a sideline discussion and explanation - usually including some level of reenactment (with varying degrees of dramatization and accuracy). To bridge some of these gaps, our fearless leader recommended that we define a Lea(R)n movie cannon: films that everyone should watch to function as a relevant contributor in 2017. We hope you enjoy!