EdTech Price Index: Mapping the Journey to Smart Spending and Implementation

Last year, district administrators brought us a challenge: figuring out actual edtech costs.

  1. If we all know that education technology gets purchased, but has varying degrees of use, how can we figure out what the stuff we're paying for actually costs?

  2. How can we understand our actual investments — let alone compare investments in different edtech tools to one another — to inform what's best for our budgets?

  3. In our individual situations, how should we best understand and compare product pricing that comes in all sorts of fee structures?

Enter the EdTech Price Index™…

A Few of the Faces Behind LearnPlatform

Our co-founder and CEO, Karl, is rather fond of bragging about our team. Aside from adding some flush to our cheeks, it feels good to have a leader who believes in and supports us. He often refers to Lea(R)n as “the best (and most charming) team in edtech,” and while that braggery causes most of us a sincere level of embarrassment and the “charm” is sometimes in short supply before a cup of coffee, this hard-working team is sincerely committed to helping advance learning and providing educators with tools to personalize learning at scale and increase equitable access for all students. Here are a few people who tirelessly strive to make results matter, delight our customers and partners, and are a pleasure to have as teammates.

Gifts that Keep Giving: Six Resources to Kick Off 2018

The holiday season is here at last. Before we put our feet up by the fire and break out the eggnog, we wanted to share some of our favorite resources to help educators better organize, streamline and analyze their edtech. Here are six resources to help your organization survive the holidays in style and get in tip-top shape to kick off the new year. 

Three Reasons 90% of EdTech Studies Fail to Show Results

Collectively, education organizations across the nation spend approximately $10B per year on educational technology (edtech), with the hope that these edtech tools will improve important student outcomes (e.g., achievement, engagement, 21st-century skills). Yet, nine out of 10 rigorous studies on educational interventions find that these treatments produce little or no impact on their intended outcomes. At Lea(R)n, we affirm boldly that results matter, so whom should we hold accountable for these disappointing findings? The entire educational ecosystem. Why? Because the problem is systemic, and the solution requires a healthy collaboration among various members (e.g., edtech developers, researchers, and education organizations) of the ecosystem. In this post, Dr. Stanhope discusses the top three reasons why edtech products are failing to demonstrate results.

EdTech Accessibility: Questions, Answers and Solutions

Lea(R)n is committed to equity. Technology, specifically educational technology, should level the playing field — bridge gaps in environment, student demographics, learning styles and access to resources — not expand the divide. In our conversations with educational leaders at all levels, accessibility has come up again and again as an edtech equity concern. We’re answering four questions to extend the discussion and help educators across the country continue working to level the playing field and drive equitable access to benefit all students:

What counts as edtech accessibility?

Why should I care about accessibility?

What should I be doing about accessibility?

What does this have to do with LearnPlatform?