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In working with learning organizations across the country, we strive to continuously improve the support, services and resources you need to keep driving student outcomes. Use these resources to plan, manage and support getting the most from your edtech, and elevate the great work your team is doing to make results matter. 



Working with schools and districts, states and networks and higher education institutions, we get a lot of questions about our features, capabilities, analytics, research methodology and automated processes. In this section, we share those questions and answers.


LearnPlatform’s research and analytics team updates and shares this glossary to support greater comprehension of research methodologies, rapid cycle evaluation, data cleaning, interventions, co-variate analysis, product utilization and edtech evaluation.


Developed by teams working with learning organizations across the country, this library offers in-depth how-to videos to help you get started with edtech management, streamline procurement and processes, and analyze results to inform decision making.


Research and methodology resources.


Developed by our team of researchers and analysts, in conjunction with our external validity committee, LearnPlatform's framework for rapid cycle edtech evaluation is the basis for supporting learning organizations making informed instructional, operational and financial decisions. 


IMPACT™ Analysis

LearnPlatform's IMPACT™ Analysis is used by K-12 and higher education administrators to rapidly analyze individual edtech product utilization, pricing and student achievement data to inform instructional, operational and budget decisions. Included with LearnPlatform Advanced licenses, IMPACT™ allows administrators to quickly drill down into specific tools and student populations and gain actionable information to better personalize learning.

Research Brief & Rubric 2017

Research Brief and Rubric

The LearnPlatform grading rubric is a research-backed tool designed by, with and for educators to help them share insights and feedback on the learning technologies they use.


Align with ESSA 

Our automated research design aligns to meet ESSA requirements, showing program effectiveness measurement with IMPACT™ 2.0 rapid cycle evaluation.


Utilization Data Standards

LearnPlatform allows product vendors and education organizations to easily load product utilization data into their accounts to run IMPACT™ Analysis. 


Data Integration

Accurate usage data is critical to assessing the impact of an edtech tool. Learn about  how we work to safely access your data. 


Data Use Guide

See the different sources of data that are used to generate the various reports and dashboards run using our IMPACT™ Analysis.


EdTech Punch List

Determine what your highest priorities are when deciding to organize, streamline and analyze your edtech.


Case studies and published research.

We take great pride in helping learning organizations equip, engage and empower their educators and administrators with edtech insights and relevant, actionable data — and in doing so, have real-world application as a constant focus. We collaborate to provide proven methodologies, multilevel modeling techniques and impact analysis technologies that are research-backed and grounded in learning science. As such, our team works with accelerators, consortiums and education data groups across the country to share findings.


Implementation materials

Our customer success, implementation and professional development teams work with learning organizations of all sizes, all over the country. From single independent schools to university systems to entire states, we equip, engage and empower instructional technology leaders with the support, resources and materials to effectively manage and measure all of their education technology.


Edtech usage analytics.

View which edtech products are being used in your school/district in a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Create your free account and install the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions to get started.


Professional development.

Our professional development helps educators master the skill of effective edtech discovery, evaluation and data-driven decision-making. Focused on working within the platform, educators are able to grade, vet and provide valuable feedback on the edtech tools they use, while connecting with other educators across the country on the tools that make their classrooms a success everyday.