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Don’t let process get in the way of what’s best for students.

Simple, visible, and responsive edtech approvals.


Own how products enter your edtech ecosystem.

Requests Workflow helps you:

  • Standardize your process for educators to request new products

  • Assign reviewers from any department to ensure products match district goals, needs, and policies

  • Customize questions based on the status of products to ensure you have all pertinent information


I’m a believer. LearnPlatform gives our teachers a voice and our district the data to make better decisions.”

Superintendent | Harrington Park School District



Get teachers what they need faster

With Requests Workflow, you will:

  • Make it simple for teachers to request new products

  • Involve the right people in the approval processes

  • Keep teachers informed about the status of their requests


See how Requests Workflow works for your organization.