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In the next 100 days, get a complete picture and identify immediate savings to drive long term strategy.

Be A Hero To Your Educators - LearnPlatform

Be a Hero to Your Educators

Give your educators a voice and get a complete picture of the edtech they use in their classrooms everyday.

Make Your School Board Love You - LearnPlatform

Make Your School Board Love You

Have and share real time reports and dashboards showing the impact of edtech in your district. 

Drive Your Strategic Plan - LearnPlatform

Drive Your Strategic Plan

Build buy-in for your collaborative vision for the future, so the whole team can focus on learning.

LearnPlatform Sample Impact Analysis

What’s Included:

  • A full inventory of edtech products across the district.
  • Dashboard reports for all contracted products, including by school, by FERPA compliance, by central approval status, by total cost, by renewal date and more.
  • Educator feedback on top 10 products (quantified and research-based).
  • Impact Analysis on 3 products based on utilization and achievement data.
  • Cost Savings Analysis on 3 largest contracts renewing in the next 100 days.

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