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Improve procurement

Claim your product page to improve communication and procurement, by more quickly responding to RFPs/RFIs and answering pressing questions from districts.


Increase transparency

Show your commitment to protecting students’ personal data by including privacy policies, terms of service, and badges for initiatives like IMPACT-Ready and the Student Data Privacy Pledge.


Showcase product effectiveness

Set yourself apart by detailing your product’s efficacy, plus showcase product features, updates to your terms of service, and enhancements designed to improve effectiveness.


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"This solves two major problems for us - both getting teacher insights for product decisions and validating our impact with clients."

Co-Founder & CEO | Nepris Inc.


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Connect with 150,000+ educators for free on LearnPlatform to provide core product details, privacy information, efficacy, and other actionable data districts need to make decisions.

  1. Select “Provider” to sign up.

  2. Complete your registration page.

  3. Update your product information.

  4. Quickly complete online applications, requests for information (RFIs) and proposals (RFPs) from leading organizations.

Complete specific applications from states, districts & partners - including the State of Connecticut's Education Software Hub and ISTE's EdTech Advisor - and provide product documents and information to improve procurement, increase transparency, and showcase your edtech effectiveness.


Are you IMPACT-Ready?

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IMPACT™-Ready enables all product providers to clearly indicate their commitment to providing education organizations with security, accessibility and utilization information in a single location so any education organization can easily access information required for their purchasing.

To be designated as IMPACT-Ready, providers commit to the following:

  • Ensuring student data privacy and security.

  • Data interoperability, by signing the Project Unicorn vendor pledge.

  • Transparency into their accessibility, to demonstrate that there is equitable access to tools.

  • Use of Governed Data Sharing Standards, such as those set forth by the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Ed-Fi Alliance, including sharing product use data with clients.


LearnPlatform is product agnostic.


We are committed to equipping learning organizations with the systems and services best tailored to their goals and unique learning environments. LearnPlatform users define their contract parameters, set product requirements, and manage their trials and RFP/RFI processes. We have privacy, safety, security and non-disclosure policies that exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements and we never share private organization, educator or student data.

LearnPlatform does not include or allow advertising, or any other “pay-to-play” activities.