End the pain of edtech procurement.


Simplify how you interact with edtech providers.

Provider Management lets you:

  • Save time and reduce frustration with an RFP/RFI vendor process that you own 

  • Automate processes for vendor RFP/RFI intake and acceptance

  • Launch public or “invitation only” vendor applications quickly


“Our instructors need the academic freedom and support to innovate, while our institutions remain excellent stewards of public dollars. When it comes to edtech, those things don't have to be in conflict.”

VP Office of Learning Technology & Innovation
The University of North Carolina System



Reduce the time spent on research and compliance

With Provider Management, you can:

  • Ensure products meet your requirements by building vendor compliance into purchasing conversations from the start

  • Spend less time on back and forth conversations with vendors

  • Have a better way to source new and effective edtech


See how Provider Management works for your organization.