Where is your organization on its journey to personalize learning for all students?


The Personalize Learning @ Scale framework is based on analyzed insights from thousands of schools and districts across the United States. The Framework uses a research methodology to help learning organizations identify their stage of edtech management and infrastructure to better understand how to drive instructional outcomes for all students. 

Personalize Learning @ Scale Framework

Using the 10-minute Personalize Learning @ Scale Framework Organizational Self-Assessment, administrators can learn their PL@S score, stage of development, next steps for improvement and best practices for expanding equitable, personalized learning across their school district.

Self-assessment reports are based on your responses and provide:

  • Understanding of current status and opportunities for advancement.

  • Applications for operational planning and resource allocations.

  • Clear areas and next steps for relevant, actionable improvement.

  • A pathway to personalizing learning at scale specific to your organization’s needs and goals.


Receive your organization's report.

Take the automated assessment. 

This framework is agnostic to the practices, models or individualized learning models used by classroom or school practitioners, but provides clarity on the infrastructure, policies and systems needed to understand their impact and scale those practices across a district.

Our team of analysts and success managers are glad to discuss report findings with you.