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IMPACT-Ready is designed with the intent of encouraging all product providers to attain the qualifications and enabling them to clearly indicate their commitment to providing education organizations with utilization information. To achieve the designation, providers must commit to the following:

  • Ensuring student data privacy and security.

  • Data interoperability, by signing the Project Unicorn vendor pledge.

  • Transparency into their accessibility, to demonstrate that there is equitable access to tools.

  • Use of Governed Data Sharing Standards, such as those set forth by the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Ed-Fi Alliance, including sharing product use data with clients.

Benefits for Product Companies

  • Easily share usage data with schools and districts nationwide.
  • Streamlined procurement process and shorter selling cycle, as districts can reference IMPACT-Ready status to quickly vet products.
  • Ability to keep student data secure and private.

In addition to the above, IMPACT-Ready will create a number of benefits and efficiencies for schools and districts; including getting information on tools more quickly, saving significant time in the procurement process and receiving more data from companies.

To become IMPACT-Ready, claim your free page and complete a simple 10-minute application.