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LearnPlatform's Integrated Metrics Producing Analytics on Classroom Technology (IMPACTis used by K12 and higher education institutions to rapidly analyze individual edtech product utilization, pricing and student achievement data in seconds to inform instructional, operational and budget decisions. 


The IMPACT 2.0 release is informed by more than 100 product evaluations across diverse education environments, and now includes:

  • Streamlined data interface to analyze product utilization.
  • Faster analyses with 1.5 million calculations in 2.6 seconds.
  • 5x the number of visualizations in IMPACT 1.0.

Aligns to ESSA Standards

IMPACT reporting allows administrators to analyze edtech use, achievement and costs to know what's working for students and which adjustments need to be made to improve results. In addition to informing critical implementation and instruction decisions to better meet desired outcomes, LearnPlatform’s automated research design aligns to evidentiary standards outlined to meet ESSA requirements, showing program effectiveness measurement with IMPACT rapid cycle evaluation. Needs assessment and ongoing implementation measurements are essential components of ESSA and Title I funding allocations. 

This reporting also meets state-level requirements, like those of LCAP in California and the Digital Learning Initiative in Utah.


IMPACT 2.0 Analysis Report



View an example of our detailed report on an edtech products usage and efficacy, what that means for outcomes and budgets, how it impacts your organization and the current realities of edtech usage.


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