Your decision support system has arrived.


Dell Education Solutions now partners with LearnPlatform to offer schools and districts additional tools to improve instructional, operational and financial decisions.


What is LearnPlatform?

LearnPlatform equips education organizations to inventory and communicate about all digital learning tools, maintain regulatory compliance and measure outcomes; ensuring their education technology are safe, efficient and effective for students and budgets…

…all on one comprehensive edtech platform.


LearnPlatform empowers administrators to organize, streamline and analyze every facet of their education technology to improve outcomes, instruction and budgets.



Easily maintain a comprehensive overview of the edtech tools in use and available for all educators, the needs they address, and their relative effectiveness for educators in similar situations.


Save time and money, and achieve compliance in your education technology purchasing, implementation, evaluation and management processes.



Gain rapid, comprehensive insights into the way edtech tools are used and how effective they are so you can make data-driven instructional and budget decisions.


Select Features of LearnPlatform


EdTech inventory


Curate a centralized, enhanced product library for your teachers to see, share and understand what's available. Complete the look with your organization's colors, logos, custom product statuses and single sign-on with a dedicated URL. 


Real-time product dashboard

Determining effectiveness and ensuring compliance and security all start with knowing which tools are being used! Get a real-time, secure dashboard of which products your teachers and students access.


Streamlined processes

Whether you want to know what teachers think of tools, get rid of constant sales calls, or automate product purchasing and requests, use LearnPlatform to ease edtech headaches and streamline processes so your team can focus on learning. 


Privacy compliance

Ensure total compliance with federal and state regulations by vetting tools quickly, sharing which products are approved for use and giving parents appropriate views into class, school and district-level product libraries.


IMPACT Analyses

One-of-a-kind technology equips any district to rapidly analyze individual edtech product utilization, pricing and student achievement effects with ease, to inform instructional, operational and budget decisions. 


Personalize at scale

The unique combination of research-based technology, scaffolded frameworks and on-call experts equips more than 2,500 schools, districts and universities to improve instruction and learning for all students. 


There's more where that came from... We'll walk you through it.

"Edtech was overwhelming! Implementing LearnPlatform gave our teachers and leaders a simple, accessible one-stop shop to easily organize edtech products being used by teachers and students in the classroom, while safeguarding student data privacy."

Chief Academic Officer  |  Elkin City Schools


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