White Labeling: Make it Yours, Make it Work.

Ownership. It’s a wondrous, empowering thing. Ownership drives innovators, leaders and responsible contributors across all kinds of teams, all over the world. And, for educators, feeling ownership for the solution can make a huge difference in adoption of technology, systems, practices and processes.

After working with states and districts to gain insight into utilization and success of their edtech products, and onboarding more than 10,000 educators onto the LearnPlatform, we have seen the power of ownership. States, districts and schools that prioritize engagement, utilization and outcomes are most successful when they have teachers who understand that sharing their feedback with their peers and management can help everyone improve collectively. But when they go that next step — taking ownership of the solutions being used in their classrooms — it leads to better engagement, insights and results.

Built by, with and for administrators and teachers, we know that users really respond to the flexible configurations available in all modules of the LearnPlatform. Whether education organizations are finding and making visible all their locally-approved edtech products to every faculty or protecting student privacy through efficient screening, quickly standardizing all RFP/RFI forms to increase purchasing power, or improving utilization and rapid measurement of which products are working best for their needs, schools, districts and institutions that communicate quickly and help their classrooms and leaders own the solution, get better results.

We extended this principle to the newest feature of the LearnPlatform: the ability for learning organizations to white label (configure their platform’s user interface to match their organization’s appearance, brand and systems). Of course, it makes the school spirit champions happy — and helps users easily identify and feel comfort in their environment. With so many tools, systems, sites and apps that play a role in the day of the educator, it’s refreshing to have a single place to access, grade and exchange feedback on edtech products. When that single login shares the organization’s logo, color palette, mascot, etc., it feels much more like your complete edtech management platform…and that ownership matters for results.

The new white-labeling feature still allows educators and their organizations to see, share and analyze insights on edtech products from across the country’s innovative districts, but when faculty and administrators know that their voice matters to decision-making, and there’s a long-term commitment to harnessing their expertise to drive decisions from their classroom to the boardroom, you get better engagement, better data and better results. In fact, while generic survey tools, polls or star-rating systems top out their engagement rates between 10–15%, LearnPlatform’s engagement has already resulted in 2x-6x that level. With our new white labeling features giving all employees full ownership of their system, organizations can expect to consistently see higher engagement rates. That increased ownership means better data to drive informed decisions.

Providing this community for best practices and what’s working in the classroom, owned by local educators, gets better results. Results based on data and impacts that your educators and institutions can own.