What Should I Know About EdTech Usage In My District?

Get to know your edtech analytics

What do you need to know about edtech product usage in your district? We asked administrators across the country and here's what they listed as most important when crafting their yearly edtech budgets. 

"Which edtech products are my educators and students using?"

How can you determine what to buy or what PD could help your teachers before you know what you have? Before choosing what gets a slice of your edtech budget or implementing new procedures, knowing what and how many edtech tools are used in your district allows you to pinpoint where your budget dollars are going. Without that information, it is hard to make informed decisions for implementation, support and instructional practices. You may find that your district is using far more edtech than you thought and/or that there are redundancies across some of the tools.

"How much/how frequently are my educators and students using these edtech tools? Which ones are the most popular among my educators?" 

Knowing what you have is essential, but knowing if what you have is being used and how much is equally as valuable. Determine which tools are most popular and how often teachers and students use them. This information can help you figure out if you’re putting dollars in the best place. Is your spending going toward tools that are actually being used? Are some of the least-used tools the most expensive? Those tools may prove to be a good starting point when you consider budget changes and can help create a more effective purchasing schedule and licensing determinations.

"What does the educator community think of the edtech tools we use? Do my teachers like the products that they use?"

Knowing what’s used and how often is especially valuable when paired with feedback from the teachers who are using the edtech tools. This information helps administrators create budgets that reflect and support their teachers’ academic freedom and instructional needs. For example, administrators may see an instructional program getting a lot of use, but teachers have rated it as very ineffective and poorly designed. They may be only using it out of necessity (or requirement) and would be using a more effective program if they had other options. You may identify and eliminate a low-use, poorly-rated tool and consider replacing it with a tool your teachers have identified as more suited to their needs. Teacher reviews and feedback help you focus resources, maximize budget dollars and allows your edtech selection to best support your teachers and students.

Get answers to these questions for free

Every dollar, every minute and every voice counts. That’s why we provide free access to these analytics as a part of LearnPlatform for Administrators. LearnPlatform for Administrators is a clean, simple, web-based system for accessing comprehensive organization-wide edtech usage dashboards to view and analyze teacher feedback on a library of more than 5,000 edtech products. Through LearnPlatform’s analytics dashboard, administrators can access easy to read charts and graphs representing student and teacher product usage.

LearnPlatform for Administrators analytics dashboard view

Accessing analytics in your LearnPLatform for Administrators dashboard requires only two quick steps - no payment and no PhD

1) Create your secure LearnPlatform for Administrators account by completing a short registration form (name, email, organization name and title). Creating this free account gives you access to your analytics dashboard.

2) Set up the Chrome Extensions: LearnPlatform for Students and LearnPlatform for Educators. Installation should be done by the Google Administrator for your organization (it takes just a few minutes). 

3) After approximately 24 hours, you should be able to log into LearnPlatform for Administrators to view your usage dashboard populated with data.  

Questions? We’ll walk you through the setup one on one. Click here to choose a time