We’re Officially the Go-to EdTech Analytics Source for 1 Million Users

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Our Chrome Extension Has “Gone Platinum”

LearnPlatform Google Chrome extension

Since we began our work of delivering actionable edtech insights and analytics to K-12 school and districts across the country back in 2014, we have consistently heard the same challenge from many of them:

If we don’t know what edtech tools our teachers and students are using, how can we effectively manage things like product efficacy, student data privacy and transparency to parents?

Supporting educators in solving this issue became the foundation for our Google integration and LearnPlatform Chrome extensions — tools that would give teachers and administrators better insight into what edtech is being used across their organization.

Flash forward two and a half years, and we’re excited to announce our LearnPlatform Google Chrome extensions have officially “gone platinum,” reaching the 1-million user mark in K-12 school systems across the country. (Check out the platinum record our CEO bought us to commemorate the milestone!)

How the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions Support K-12 Teachers

If you’re not familiar with our Chrome extensions, they’re designed to support education leaders in making more data-driven decisions around the edtech they use.

Teachers can more easily find, differentiate and evaluate edtech solutions by reviewing product grades and reviews from fellow educators across the country. As one user put it:

“The [LearnPlatform] Chrome extension is a fantastic tool that works in the background to help automate my use and exploration of edtech products. With a click of a button I can access user feedback, ask users a question, provide my own feedback, and add to my tech library.”

— Jennifer Auten, Second Grade Teacher, Cupertino Union School District

When the extension is installed, it activates any time a teacher accesses a product site, allowing them to add the tool to their personal edtech library, read reviews and ratings from fellow educators, or share their own personal feedback and classroom experience to help others in their organization or across the country.

LearnPlatform Google Chrome extension

How the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions Support
K-12 Administrators

School and district-level administrators can use the LearnPlatform Chrome extensions to identify which tools in their edtech libraries are most popular among teachers and students. The extensions offer private dashboards that reveal rankings of edtech tools, based on product grades and organization-wide access data.

These dashboards can be adjusted, as well, to display custom reporting periods that give insights into the number of products in use, the number of educators and students using these products, and the most-accessed tools for the given period of time.

LearnPlatform Google Chrome extension

Having these insights into product access can support organizational decisions surrounding budgets, instruction, and processes for product vetting, requests and approvals.

For instance, the average school district found that they were accessing an overwhelming 548 edtech products per month.

Uncovering this information has given administrators the opportunity to take action and ensure students and teachers are only using edtech solutions that have been vetted for data security and alignment to state and district standards.

What the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions Can Do For You

Wondering what your school or district could do with more information on which edtech tools your teachers and students are accessing most? Go to LearnPlatform.com/gsuite to learn more about our Google Chrome extensions.

Your G-Suite administrator can quickly and easily install the extensions, which will provide you with actionable usage information almost immediately. Having these insights at your fingertips helps you grasp how edtech is being used in your organization and lead to more data-driven decisions on edtech spending, or processes for product requests, vetting, approvals, purchasing, and implementation.

If you’re the Google Administrator for your organization,  click here to get started installing the LearnPlatform Chrome extensions across your school or district now. Not the Google administrator? Send them this link.