Technology for Education Consortium to Improve School and District Technology Selections by Aggregating District Purchasing Data and Contracts with LearnPlatform

TEC partners with Lea(R)n and will use LearnPlatform as analytics engine for district technology contracts

New York, NY — June 27, 2016 — TEC and Lea(R)n are committed to urgently improving purchasing, processes and impact of education technology across America’s K-12 school districts. LearnPlatform will fill TEC’s need for a unified edtech management ecosystem that allows for the collection and analysis of district technology contracts. This will lead to informed fiscal decisions that improve efficiencies and savings to drive the highest impact for TEC members.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Technology for Education Consortium as they work with school districts to maximize return on investment and increase purchasing power to drive impact-based technology selection and management,” said Karl Rectanus, CEO and co-founder of Lea(R)n. “As a former school CFO, this is exactly why we created the on-demand LearnPlatform and its configurable modules. Schools and districts deserve substantive data to make hardware and software decisions.”

U.S. schools and district expenditures on technology are growing up to 20% per year, now topping more than $10 billion per year. However, public education agencies have had limited visibility to the prices, terms and outcomes of their peers to inform their procurement processes, which leads to significant duplication of effort across districts and inconsistent pricing. TEC released the “EdTech Procurement Report” highlighting this issue on Apple iPads across 30 school district members. TEC’s free membership initiative with more than 40 districts is designed to support more efficient, cost-effective use of taxpayer funds in technology purchasing.

“TEC is equally thrilled about this partnership,” said Hal Friedlander, co-founder and CEO of TEC. “Lea(R)n has built a powerful platform and earned the respect and support of educators and administrators. Working together, TEC and Lea(R)n will significantly expand the critical intelligence and decision support we provide district leaders.”

Leveraging the LearnPlatform, TEC members will benefit from increased transparency across districts on edtech contract pricing, statuses and effectiveness. Shared contract management will also drive consistency and reduce the resources required for procurement to ensure that TEC members can focus on learning outcomes and impact.


LearnPlatform is a research-based, on-demand edtech management platform — designed with, by and for educators and administrators to increase teacher capacity, improve student outcomes and maximize edtech budgets. LearnTrials, the award-winning platform for rapid education technology evaluation, is one of a growing number of integrated, configurable modules ensuring educators and their institutions have the right tools to improve real-time data-driven discovery, purchasing and implementation decisions.

The Technology for Education Consortium (TEC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to K-12 schools engaged in evaluating and purchasing edtech products and services. We believe that greater transparency and better information will allow school districts to improve results, reduce costs and support new product development.

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