Teachers: Share edtech insights. Grade products. Earn gift cards.

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5,000+ products — that’s how many edtech programs and tools have been entered into LearnPlatform’s growing product library by educators and administrators. Always free for educators, the largest product library in the country saves educators’ time, providing a single on-demand system to search, discover, evaluate, select and share the best instructional technology. The products can all be sorted based on a wide array of criteria (topic, grade, subject, device type, etc.) but derive their real value from educator reviews based on a comprehensive grading rubric. These reviews save time and go beyond arbitrary star ratings to give educators tailored insights that improve instruction and outcomes. Teachers sharing their valuable edtech insights and experiences now earn points (redeemable for gift cards) for that above and beyond effort.

Verified teachers earn points for:

  • Grading products.
  • Sharing product grades.
  • Adding products to the library.


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Earn points for grades!

Teachers can redeem points for gift cards. Grading a product used in classroom instruction only takes a few minutes and follows a grading rubric composed of two sections:

  1. Contextual questions regarding how the product is used.

  2. Feedback specific to individual experience using the product.

Educators may provide comments on any of the specific questions in the insight section or on the tool as a whole in the summary section.  

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Points and rewards show appreciation for the great work educators are already doing to drive continuous improvement - and results. Each educator who shares their voice and time is contributing to the collective knowledge of their community of practice, engaging other educators and offering qualitative and quantitative feedback from applying a consistent, research-backed framework to the rapidly expanding portfolio of instructional technology.

Every data-driven review, insight and classroom experience shared by an educator creates value for instructional technologists, administrators and community members using LearnPlatform across the country. These reviews equip, engage and empower teachers — giving them a voice in what and how they teach their students. Having access to verified, relevant product reviews saves time and ultimately leads to better outcomes for students.

Discover digital tools, save time, ask questions about any product, know how often products are used, monitor edtech impact, earn redeemable points — all for free. AND earn (much-needed and well-deserved) coffee, dining, entertainment and other treasures.