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"You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. *But what we found out is that each one of us is a LearnLeader... A researcher. A teacher. A principal. And a developer.*"
"You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a LearnLeader... A researcher. A teacher. A principal. And a developer."

What happens when a group of edtech champions and change-makers focused on informed decisions and practical applications of edtech data get together each month? People who are driving education changes in modern, evolving classrooms (not ones still centered on pencils and papers) get even smarter, faster. When educators share their challenges, solutions and experiences in a timely manner, problems are solved. This line of thinking led to the formation of a group called LearnLeaders.

Composed of educators and administrators seeking and sharing innovative solutions in their schools and districts, LearnLeaders includes those who are most actively looking to change the status-quo, those who are changing education and taking a step back from the mindset of ‘doing what’s done simply because it’s what’s done.’ These leaders are making results matter, moving the needle for students and working smarter to make better instructional and budget decisions for improved outcomes.

LearnLeaders emerged in the LearnCommunity out of incredible, but all too infrequent, discussions of applying usage, pricing, demographic and achievement data to evolve standard practices into relevant, current solutions and initiatives. Every time groups of users participated in panels, conference sessions, focus groups and webinars together, there was a battle cry for more frequent exchanges - timed for immediate application and continuous improvement.

Edtech is moving too fast to wait for an annual conference to recharge and share - and with scheduled, bite-size chunks of sharing, focused on a particular challenge, opportunity or piece of the process, we can impact the students we have NOW, with real-time data and practical applications. We received a number of requests to facilitate ongoing web conference sessions to help users capture, share and learn from their collective knowledge.

Dr. Amanda Cadran, Lea(R)n success manager and former edtech director facilitates monthly hour-long conference calls featuring one of our LearnLeaders on a rotating basis. The monthly format was designed to provide consumable chunks for constant improvement and continued learning, rather than attending semi-annual or annual events where we are often inundated with exciting mountains of information for days at a time, but without a reasonable vehicle for taking that renewed passion back and translating it immediately into practice.

LearnLeaders calls provide a community of practice for the structured interactive discussion of challenges and successes in managing and measuring edtech to enable members to continuously improve with a focus on teaching and learning. LearnLeaders share practical applications for better managing all edtech processes - discovery; procurement; contract management; negotiating pricing and compliance requirements; streamlining product vendors; soliciting educator feedback; approving, declining and selecting products; defining and measuring success; etc. LearnLeaders discuss processes, offer visibility to pricing, look at data together in the platform and help other innovators understand how to work through change management and apply practical organization to instructional technology and its varying complexities (system and human).

Is there an aspect of your edtech that you have been struggling with? There’s a good chance that someone else has encountered similar challenges. Join us to share your experiences and solutions with other members of the community doing the same. If you’ve been thinking about giving LearnPlatform a try, there’s no better time. If you are currently using LearnPlatform, join LearnLeaders and share your unique experience while gaining insights from others in the network.