Rolling Out New Resources for EdTech Rock Stars

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Backpacks are packed, pencils are sharpened, school buses are once again cruising the roads. It’s time to head back to school. Are you ready? Yes? Maybe? Stage fright taking hold already? Don’t fret. Administrators and educators alike have a million things to worry about, which edtech is being used in the classroom shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a few free resources to help better equip you for your upcoming edtech adventures and make you an edtech rock star and champion in your school/district. All of these materials and assets can be found in the Lea(R)n resource center.

HTML tutorial "Educators and administrators alike have a million things to worry about, which edtech is being used in the classroom shouldn't be one of them." - CLICK TO TWEET

Useful real-time edtech usage information for your whole district at your fingertips…literally

As you roll ahead full steam with lesson and project planning, get to know your edtech and discover new tools along the way. For rock star teachers, add this simple Chrome extension to your browser to learn more about the edtech you use and share your own feedback as you search and browse. When you visit ANY learning technology website, the extension activates in your browser and shows the educator-driven grades on the product. Connect with your professional learning network(s) to ask questions about those products, save them to your library and access other key features of your LearnPlatform account directly.

For administrators, getting a handle on the edtech in your district is easier than ever —and free. Install the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions and sign up for a free LearnPlatform for Administrators account to access a comprehensive dashboard that includes real-time educators and student edtech usage information, complete with easy-to-use charts and information.

Wake me up before you go go 🎶

Mornings can be rough — especially Monday mornings when students are back in the classroom and you have to wake up before the birds start chirping. Those mornings call for coffee, and lots of it. Educators who grade products and share their feedback in the LearnPlatform product library receive points redeemable for gift cards.

HTML tutorial "Educators who grade products and share their feedback in the LearnPlatform library receive points redeemable for gift cards." - CLICK TO TWEET

Sign up for free, start grading and choose from Starbucks, Target or Amazon gift cards for coffee, or whatever else gets you up in the morning. While gift cards are rewarding, the greater value lies in contributing your knowledge to help create a community with fellow educators across the country, sharing insights and feedback. Using a rubric that was developed by our research and analytics team, verified educators across the country and an external validation committee, teachers can quickly grade products on eight key criteria.

We’ll get the popcorn, you grab the drinks...

If a picture's worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? A helping hand or a little visual guidance and inspiration can make the difference, especially when you are organizing and implementing an ever-changing edtech library, improving processes or measuring edtech usage and impact. For all our visual learners, check out the new videos designed to assist educators and administrators in leveraging existing expertise and developing new skills.

These videos help teachers and administrators set up different aspects of their LearnPlatform accounts; evaluate tools and share reviews; search for products and manage their approved product libraries. Developed working with learning organizations across the country, this collection offers in-depth ‘how to’ videos to help you get started with edtech management, streamline procurement and processes, and analyze results to inform decision making.

We hope you enjoy these materials and assets that have helped our partners and users make sense of managing and measuring their edtech — meeting them where they are, supporting them from the first steps of gathering actual usage information for their district to the start of the inventory process to making purchasing, resource and support decisions.

Other great content you can find in the resource center includes: