Results matter. Lea(R)n to present edtech insights at Joint Statistical Meetings.

Lea(R)n @ JSM 2016

The Lea(R)n team will be presenting at JSM during the technical paper and panel sessions on Sunday, July 31. JSM (the Joint Statistical Meetings) is the largest gathering of international statisticians held in North America. Themed The Extraordinary Power of Statistics, the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings will be held July 30 — August 4 in Chicago.

Lea(R)n Senior Research Officer, Dr. Daniel Stanhope will be presenting Automated Analytics and Data Dashboards for Evaluating the Impacts of Educational Technologies.

Educational technology (edtech) is increasingly ubiquitous in schools and classrooms. Products are released constantly and billions are spent annually on them. Despite the immense investments, there has been no system for evaluating their impact. The U.S. Department of Education and others have called for rapid edtech evaluations, and the 2016 National Education Technology Plan emphasized the need for dashboards that provide schools with timely and actionable feedback for evaluating and monitoring education outcomes. We present herein a platform that systematically integrates data from multiple sources (e.g., product, administrative, and publicly available data), automates sophisticated analytics, and generates real-time dashboards and data visualizations. Administrators and educators can use the dashboards to understand the various impacts of edtechs, including which edtechs are being used, how much they are used, and how effective they are at improving the outcomes they purport to impact. Rather than relying on informal and unstructured information, schools can now use dashboards to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions on instructional, operational, and fiscal practices.

The LearnPlatform provides educators and administrators with consumable dashboards and sharable reports, representing actionable data to inform edtech discovery, procurement and implementation decisions, based on what’s actually impacting student outcomes. As part of most engagements, Lea(R)n offers a rapid edtech analysis for learning organizations to very quickly assess their entire edtech ecosystem.

Educators and administrators can access real-time, on demand dashboards and reports to see which edtech tools are being used, how often they’re being used and whether or not they are delivering effective learning outcomes. Education organizations can then redirect resources to effective products and support same-school year improvements, ridding their organizations of under-utilized contract commitments and recognizing an average savings of 20 percent.

The Lea(R)n team prioritizes data-led decision making and proven, peer-reviewed research methodologies and rubric to continuously improve tools to fuel educator empowerment and student achievement.