No More "Gambling Feeling" — ATLIS Expands its Data-Led Edtech Management Capabilities


The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) is a growing network of more than 175 independent schools stretched across the U.S., covering 28 states (including the District of Columbia) and sharing knowledge and resources to improve the impact of digital learning for thousands of students nationwide.

While the ATLIS umbrella has provided individual member schools with a network of like-minded technology leaders with whom they can connect through targeted professional development and mentorship programs, without a network-wide edtech management system in place in the past, ATLIS members found themselves needing more data-led insights into the costs, usage and effectiveness of their edtech tools.  

With so many independent member schools spread out across the country, edtech purchasing and implementation decisions among ATLIS members were often made through informal networking across social media and email, where school leaders would simply ask what resources others were using.

We were hoping to change the gambling feeling that so many technology leaders have when making an edtech purchase... We wanted to provide something more structured for our members.
— Sarah Hanawald, ATLIS Executive Director

After considering its options, ATLIS decided to implement LearnPlatform for its end-to-end edtech discovery, management, procurement, implementation and analytics capabilities — a completely configurable and scalable solution that could grow with their entire network.

Today, ATLIS members use LearnPlatform to stay more connected, with a collaborative network in a "walled garden" of management tools, shared resources and insights into what edtech tools are producing desired outcomes.

Read ATLIS' full case study to see how the network is benefiting through easier sharing of knowledge and resources among its 175+ member schools nationwide.