New Product Features: Easier, Faster, More Valuable EdTech Management

We’ve released powerful new updates to LearnPlatform to make organizing your edtech environment faster, easier, and more valuable than ever. Here’s a 60 second video to see how easy it is to take (and keep!) control of your edtech environment with the enhanced management dashboard.

We use educator feedback to consistently find new ways to improve LearnPlatform’s ease-of-use and functionality. Here are four of the most valuable updates our users said would make their lives headache-free (and their organizations more edtech effective):

  1. One click to manage and change statuses directly from your dashboard

You can now add products directly from your usage dashboard to your organization’s edtech library with just the click of a button. And we’ve also added options that let you immediately update products’ approval and privacy statuses so everyone in your organization can save time accessing compliant and effective solutions.

V2.16 GIF 1.gif

2. An updated Parent Portal for data privacy compliance

The new Parent Portal allows districts to not only remain FERPA-compliant, but to improve communication and transparency with parents. Easily share documents, contracts, and other important resources you choose with teachers, parents, or both — and include district-specific comments about any of your edtech.

Parent Portal Gif.gif

3. Easily export your product library

A new export feature lets you easily download your entire edtech library to share with fellow admins and teachers, do analyses or use for reporting and budgeting. Communicate which tools are being used across your organization and address privacy and approval statuses for each product.

V2.16 gifs 3.gif

4. Easily request new products to add

The 6,000+ LearnPlatform product library may be the largest in the world, but edtech solutions continue to expand. We’ve made it easier than ever to request additional missing products into the library. Simply click the empty box and fill out some information to let us know so we can add it for you — and so you can add it to your organizational edtech library! 

V2.16 gif 4.gif

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