NCDPI Contract Provides Benefits for Schools & Districts in North Carolina

LearnPlatform & NCDPI Contract Provides Benefits for Schools & Districts

North Carolina’s Dept. of Public Instruction is working with Lea(R)n, creator of LearnTrials, the research-backed edtech management platform to inform data-driven decisions. The effort offers free access for all NC educators to share their experience with learning technologies. NCDPI has begun by requesting insights on any and all tools available through the Homebase initiative.

Free Benefits for Individual Educators available at

  • Share feedback on any edtech, including the products of Homebase
  • Access research-backed LearnGrade rubric and smart product report cards
  • Connect with other educators across your professional learning network
  • Manage your own product portfolio & share with peers, parents and others
  • Earn the LearnCERTIFIED micro-credential for NC CEUs

Besides sharing research-backed insights to assist NC DPI and other educators, LearnTrials equips schools, districts, and states across the country to know and manage the technologies that are best for their classrooms. Lea(R)n is based in North Carolina, used by thousands of educators nation-wide, and was recently awarded a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant for its innovative, cost-effective product evaluation technology.

North Carolina local education agencies (LEAs) can access additional benefits through LearnTrials, if they wish. Additional, exclusive benefits for NC LEAs include:

  • Minimum 10% Discount on LearnTrials Enterprise
  • Run data-rich product pilots and evaluations in 7–12% of the time of other methods
  • See and share product insights inside and across districts like yours
  • Identify which technology is no or low-impact in your district to improve budget decisions
  • Understand how your edtech is impacting learning in your classrooms

To further support 2016 technology budget decisions, LeaRn is offering additional incentives for LEAs who join the LeaRn community in 2015. Sign up by December 31, 2015 to receive:

  1. An additional FREE Month of LearnTrials Enterprise
  2. FREE LearnCERTIFIED Professional Development for 100 Educators
  3. FREE Efficacy Layer Upgrade for 2016 to conduct rapid, rigorous product evaluation
  4. Fiscal year aligned payments (defer FY2016 portion to July)

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