My Summer as a Lea(R)n Fellow

My summer as a Lea(R)n Fellow

This summer, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend the second summer in a row as a Lea(R)n Fellow. During the school year I work as a Technology Teacher at Davis Drive Elementary School in Cary, NC. The experience this summer with Lea(R)n was unimaginable!

My 2017 summer fellowship with Lea(R)n began with a trip to San Antonio for ISTE 2017. Wow, what an event! The exhibition floor at ISTE was so packed with edtech product companies that being there felt similar to seeing the product library of the Learn Platform “in 3D.”


Mingling with customers, edtech developers and teachers while sharing my knowledge of using LearnPlatform to share insights and feedback with my peers was fabulous. Hearing from various districts and school systems about the benefits, savings and time that using LearnPlatform has afforded them was priceless. Being part of the team at ISTE was an experience that any educator would be envious of! Learning from and collaborating with the team in this environment served as an authentic reinforcement of the power and connectivity of our verified educator and administrator community — sharing challenges, opportunities and solutions; practical application of instructional technologies and leveraging data to make better decisions for our students.

In addition to attending ISTE this summer, I was able to work closely with the Lea(R)n team to add new products to school and district libraries, find product information and contribute to administrative tasks. I supported the team on customer implementation calls, evaluating the entire implementation process, while learning even more about the ins and outs of adding new educators to accounts, setting up trials, approving products, and how each of these steps is invaluable for managing the edtech products they’re using in their schools.

As an educator, my perspective on the creation of implementation and training videos was an additional benefit for the Lea(R)n team. These videos will be valuable assets to new administrators using the platform, introducing them to different features and components of LearnPlatform, and how to get the most out of managing and measuring edtech tools. My input and feedback on proposed system and design updates to enhance the educator experience were also important. Using LearnPlatform with my own media/tech committee at Davis Drive Elementary and going through the approval process, and how it works in a real instructional environment afforded me the opportunity to provide valuable suggestions for improvement. I truly enjoyed being a part of the platform review and improvement process. Seeing the Lea(R)n team listening to what an educator likes, dislikes and needs was powerful — and is part of LearnPlatform’s foundation as a system built by, for and with educators.    

Working with Lea(R)n again this summer has been quite memorable and rewarding.  Having a digital tool as valuable as LearnPlatform, where the goal is to empower educators, districts and institutions to get positive outcomes, increase savings and ROI, see trends, and manage usage of their digital tools is amazing. LearnPlatform should be an essential part of any educational institution’s digital technology program. Working so closely with the team this summer only affirms my plan to use LearnPlatform with my school again this school year!

Cori Odom