Meet Lea(R)n’s 2015 Summer Fellows

LearnPlatform - 2015 Summer Fellows

The LearnTrials platform was designed by educators to solve real problems in today’s classrooms. We began the Lea(R)n Fellowship to take that collaboration to the next level, and after announcing the program, we received a slew of incredible applicants. So many, in fact, we plan to keep over a dozen finalists involved this summer, but only two could join the Lea(R)n team. We’re ecstatic to introduce them!!

Meet the Fellows

Andrea Trowell is an educator with passion for edtech. As the Library Media Specialist at Underwood GT Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh, her specialty is finding the right resources for the right learners at the right time. Andrea’s past experiences in education include teaching in the classroom, serving as a remediation specialist, and running a private tutoring business.

“As teachers move towards a blended learning approach, their need for quality tech products and accessible resources is quickly increasing. I am enthusiastic about sharing LearnTrials with educators, as I believe it will meet their needs for discovering, analyzing, and sharing digital learning tools.”

In collaboration with Wesley Burt, MPA and other Lea(R)n partners, Andrea, the Technology Implementation Fellow, will engage with key educators and stakeholders by conducting focus groups, surveys, outreach and data analysis. These efforts will improve the features and overall appeal of the Lea(R)n platform.

Yasmeen Robbins has been a teacher for 10 years, and currently, she serves as an Instructional Coach in the Cumberland County school district. She recently completed her Master’s in Education with focus in literacy. Yasmeen has a passion for learning and feels that finding the balance between instruction and technology is where student engagement will be highest.

“Digital tools are really shaping the way teachers teach and students learn. In every classroom, it is important for educators to find the right balance between teacher and digital instruction, so technology does not stifle our students’ critical thinking skills. That is what makes LearnTrials so exciting! It provides a platform for teachers to determine the best technology ‘fit’ for their students, classroom, and school.”

Working closely with our senior research officer, Daniel Stanhope, the Instructional Design Fellow, Yasmeen, will enhance professional development for educators, focusing on how teachers learn about digital tools. She will collaborate with the Center of Teaching Quality, Digital Promise and other organizations. Ultimately, she will encourage and support teachers, so they can inform peers and administrators to make better financial, instructional and educational decisions.

Over the summer, these two fellows helped Lea(R)n improve the realm of edtech for students, teachers and administrators everywhere. Both Andrea and Yasmeen are experienced educators that believe pedagogy, practice and outcomes should inform decision-making within schools, throughout districts and across the country. We can’t wait to see how they will contribute to Lea(R)n and our mission to impact the way people learn with technology.