Make Better Digital Courseware Decisions to Personalize Learning at Scale

Our team loves hitting the road and collaborating with edtech innovators across the country. We regularly venture out and speak with, learn from and help teachers, administrators and edtech providers alike in schools, districts and conferences throughout the country. We recently packed our bags and headed down to Houston, TX to attend the annual ELI conference. The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, or ELI, is dedicated to all aspects of technology in higher education. They are “a collaborative community committed to advancing learning through IT innovation.”

Our CEO and co-founder, Karl Rectanus, will support Tyton Partners' introduction of the interactive version of the Courseware in Context Framework (CWiC) through a presentation on February 15th titled “Using the CWiC Framework to improve your courseware selection and implementation.”

The Courseware in Context (CWiC) Framework was released in July 2016 to support postsecondary decision-makers in effectively navigating the courseware market and make better-informed adoption and implementation decisions. Digital courseware has the potential to support personalized learning at scale in education, but adoption can be hindered by challenges identifying and implementing products effectively.

The presentation will include a discussion with institutional leaders from Georgia State University and Colorado Technical University about how they have used the CWiC Framework to address various goals and challenges on campus related to online/blended learning. A growing number of universities are using CWiC to ensure faculty and students are getting the most out of their instructional tools to accomplish course objectives, meet institutional requirements and personalize learning at scale.

The session will highlight three different use-cases of the CWiC Framework:

  • Initial courseware exploration
  • Courseware procurement
  • Course evaluation

Participants in this session will take away actionable information about how they can use the CWiC Framework instruments to improve the courseware selection and implementation at their institutions.

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