LearnTrials expands to LearnPlatform for 2016–17 School Year

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RALEIGH, N.C. (April 14, 2016) — LearnTrials, the award-winning platform for rapid education technology (edtech) evaluation, today is expanding its research, analytics, and automation tools to improve edtech discovery, procurement, implementation, and budgeting for any educator, school district, university, or state education department in the United States. The expanded functionality will be highlighted at next week’s ASU+GSV Conference in San Diego, Calif., and is available at www.LearnPlatform.com next school year.

“Every education organization deserves the tools to improve instruction, increase their purchasing power, save budget dollars and drive better outcomes,” said Karl Rectanus, a former school administrator and CEO of Lea(R)n, Inc., the company that launched LearnTrials. “Now, they can have it in less than 90 days.”

Jumbled Silos of Unknown: Schools, Districts, Universities, & States Managing Edtech before using LearnPlatform

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EdTech Digest recently named LearnTrials the District Data Solution Cool Tool of 2016. The platform has grown rapidly, adopted by more than 10,000 educators in hundreds of public, private, charter, K-12 and higher education institutions.

“Understanding instructional and budget impacts of our different technologies is critical for our teachers, our students and our budget,” said Marlo Gaddis with Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina. “Saving our teachers time while focusing on the highest impact, most cost-effective tools and practices means better outcomes for kids.”

An On-Demand Edtech Ecosystem: Schools, Districts, Universities, & States Managing Edtech after launching LearnPlatform


LearnTrials now becomes one of a growing number of integrated, configurable modules on the LearnPlatform. Designed in collaboration with leading education organizations across the country, the expanded modules ensure educators and their institutions have the right tools at the right time to improve discovery, purchasing and implementation decisions. The expanded features also include a new Google™ Chrome Extension, an on-demand procurement engine, rapid analytics on classroom technologies, enterprise-wide FERPA compliance, and reports and dashboards for school boards and staff aligned with new federal ESSA requirements.

The LearnPlatform is free for individual educators and supported by low-cost subscriptions from education organizations. Lea(R)n does not accept advertising revenue or “finder’s fees” from product vendors, ensuring data is valid and unbiased.

“Our Learning Technology Commons is not simply a marketplace to buy more stuff,” said Matthew Rascoff, VP of Learning Technology & Innovation for the University of North Carolina System. “Using the quality-driven LearnPlatform, the best products rise to the top, we can increase our purchasing power and our faculty share the tools that work best for their learners.”

For a complete press packet, sneak peeks or to set up your own edtech ecosystem, go to www.LearnPlatform.com.


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Lea(R)n equips educators and their organizations to know and manage which technology is best for their classrooms. Visit www.LearnTrials.com or the new www.LearnPlatform.com.

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