LearnPlatform’s Newest Integration with Google Apps for Education, Classroom, and Chrome Enables Rapid EdTech Discovery and Full Product Management

Third Major Feature Announced as LearnTrials Expands to LearnPlatform for 2016–2017

As part of the expanded feature set, Lea(R)n is excited to upgrade LearnPlatform by releasing two free extensions for Chrome users and Google Apps for Education Schools. The LearnTrials for Educators and the student-facing LearnTrials Hall Monitor extensions are both available through the Chrome Store. Designed to save valuable time for teachers and edtech directors while saving their districts’ money, the LearnPlatform, including the two new extensions, make it easy to find, differentiate, and evaluate which edtech tools work best for classroom and student needs.

“The new LearnTrials Chrome extension is a fantastic tool that works in the background to help automate my use and exploration of edtech products. With a click of a button I can access user feedback, ask users a question, provide my own feedback, and add to my tech library. Now I don’t need to consciously remember to visit the LearnTrials website, it’s right there always accessible.”
- Jennifer Auten, Second Grade Teacher, Cupertino Union School District

LearnTrials for Educators

Always free for individual educators, the LearnTrials for Educators Chrome Extension allows teachers to access, grade, and provide real-time insight to edtech products. When educators visit the product website of any learning technology, the extension activates, allowing them to see educator-driven grades on each product, ask their professional learning network(s) questions about those products, save the product to their own library, and access other key features of their LearnPlatform account directly from the product webpage. Educators can activate their extension by visiting the Chrome Store, or administrators can activate the extension district wide.

LearnTrials for Educators Chrome Extension empowers teachers to:

  • See verified educator feedback on any edtech tool from within the browser;
  • View product grades (and quickly access the product’s report card!);
  • Add edtech tools and products to their library;
  • Ask fellow educators questions about the edtech resources they’re exploring;
  • Save time and improve differentiation of edtech resources for their needs;
  • Quickly access their LearnTrials account.

LearnTrials Hall Monitor

The LearnTrials Hall Monitor Chrome Extension is specifically designed for school and district administrators, giving them access real-time insights on the edtech products their students are using. When a student visits the product website of any learning technology using their Chromebook or other device using the Chrome browser, the extension activates, allowing students to access unbiased information about the product in the LearnPlatform library, and providing administration visibility to the frequency, types, purposes, and utility of different products for their organization. The LearnTrials Hall Monitor is most valuable in conjunction with the “LearnTrials for Educators Chrome Extension” and LearnEnterprise™, providing real-time dashboards and reports for organization-wide edtech management.

Activating the Hall Monitor extension across the student body has significant organizational benefits, enabling administrators to:

  • Monitor and analyze which learning tools are utilized most, least, and everywhere in between;
  • Instantly access real-time product inventory across schools;
  • Inform budgets, policies, and instruction based on data-driven dashboards;
  • Make organizational, budget, and instructional practices more efficient and effective;
  • Share products across Google Classroom and more.

Both the LearnTrials for Educators and LearnTrials Hall Monitor can be activated for free in less than five minutes, through the Chrome store and district-wide by system administrators. For more information about activating the extension for your teachers or entire student body, please visit LearnPlatform.com.