Join us in Denver: SETDA/ISTE

We are excited to head back to SETDA and ISTE, this year in Denver. Like most everyone else, we will be running around between sessions, demos and mixers; reconnecting with old friends and colleagues on this important work and meeting new partners in crime for the meaningful advancement of data’s role in education decisions. After all, shouldn’t student impact drive what we find, buy and use in classrooms?

When we’re not participating in panels, we will be hosting some discussions and demonstrations to highlight recent developments and research from Lea(R)n:

Rapid edtech audits — offering administrators visibility into their complete product portfolio, utilization and impact with an easy-to-digest report in less than 100 days

  • Can provide edtech inventory for all of the digital products schools and districts are using
  • Gap analysis and need set definitions
  • Impact analysis of up to three key products due for renewal
  • Help manage contracts and streamline pricing

LearnPlatform expansion — now showcasing expanded functionality beyond that of the LearnTrials module to support complete data-driven edtech management: allowing users to find, save money, improve implementation and measure the impact of their edtech in a single unified platform.

Since the beginning of time, educators have been forced to make product purchasing decisions based on limited anecdotal feedback. As edtech product options increased and proliferation of internet businesses expanded, navigating and validating the edtech product landscape became overwhelming — all as educators are being asked to do more with less, and comply with an increasing set of regulatory requirements.

LearnPlatform offers edtech directors, superintendents and school boards the means to make data-driven decisions grounded in quantitative and qualitative utilization and impact data of their districts and their peers, while empowering educators to have a voice in the tools and systems they use in their classrooms. We have to shift focus to driving outcomes for kids, based on what’s getting used and what actually works for different student populations. Educators now have the substantive data to personalize learning at scale.

Lea(R)n in Denver: June 24–29


Sunday June 26, 2016 8:30–9:30am

SETDA — Emerging Partners Lightning Round Presentations

Lea(R)n CEO & Founder Karl Rectanus presenting

Embassy Suites: Silverton Salon 3

Sunday June 26, 2016 9:30–10:30am

SETDA — Emerging Partners Showcase

Lea(R)n VP of Partnerships David Cashwell demonstrating LearnPlatform

Embassy Suites: Silverton Salon 1

Sunday June 26, 2016 4–4:45pm

Seal of Alignment Mixer

CCC 702/704/706

Monday June 27, 2016 4:00–4:45pm

ISTE Panel: The best tech for classrooms

Lea(R)n CEO & Founder Karl Rectanus speaking

The Commons on Champa