Improving Learning Outcomes Through Rigorous Yet Practical Research

Orlando, FL

This week we are in Orlando, Florida for OLC Accelerate, a conference designed to drive quality online learning, advance best practices and provide a space for innovation and exploration for educators, administrators, edtech leaders and organizations.  

Lea(R)n co-founder and CEO, Karl Rectanus and Senior Research Officer, Dr. Daniel Stanhope, are presenting IMPACT: Improving Learning Outcomes Through Rigorous Yet Practical Research” at OLC on Wednesday, November 15 from 2:45 - 3:30.

A founding principle at Lea(R)n is “results matter.” We strive to provide organizations with the tools and information necessary to make sense of their data and take action on those insights. Having relevant evidence means more effective learning and instruction in classroom, online and blended learning environments. We’ve been working with innovative schools that are using rapid-cycle evaluation tools (IMPACT™) to collect and analyze data, and to inform decisions about edtech selection, implementation and measurement.

Rapid advancements in the development of instructional technology products have accelerated the need for evidence-based tools, models and methods to effectively support desired learning outcomes. Practical, reliable research that shows evidence of learning effectiveness in a timely manner is the key to keeping pace with innovation in online and blended education environments. Students deserve tools that work and educators need evidence and rigorous research to make informed decisions on the selection and implementation of these tools. All too often, rigorous research on edtech has not been practical, actionable or relevant. We have worked with thousands of educators, district and state leaders, technologists, and researchers to build LearnPlatform in an effort to solve these exact problems.

LearnPlatform’s IMPACT Analysis allows education organizations to rapidly integrate multiple data sources to generate evidence-based insights on their edtech interventions. Rectanus and Stanhope will explore the types of evidence produced by IMPACT Analyses and walk through actual examples from various education organizations during the session “IMPACT: Improving Learning Outcomes Through Rigorous Yet Practical Research.”

We are looking forward to collaborating with education innovators from across the country at this forward-thinking conference. The best ideas surface when we all work together to solve problems facing our students and educators today.  

LearnPlatform offers organizations:

  • Visibility into the edtech classrooms are using.

  • Data on the extent to which products are being used.

  • The ability to provide quantitative ratings and qualitative feedback on products.

  • The ability to conduct rapid edtech evaluations on the products they are using.

Send us a message or sign up to meet at the conference. We would be happy to talk through how your organization is working to personalize learning at scale, or any needs and challenges you may have.