Grading EdTech: Our Rubric Effectively Differentiates Products

5-Star ratings from unknown reviewers are insufficient for schools and districts making educational technology decisions. When schools, districts and states are making decisions about tools that impact our students and teachers, they need a more rigorous evaluation across multiple data sets. LearnTrials was built to improve current school purchasing decisions, save time and money, and help figure out what’s working in the classrooms.

LearnPlatform - Research-Based Rubric for Grading EdTech

Lea(R)n believes educators deserve a voice in what works in the classroom. Along with other data sets, we worked with hundreds of educators from across the country, and with data scientists, to create a system of product evaluation across the 8 most important criteria when educators buy, try and use education technology.

LearnTrials used this research to create key portions of our LearnGrade protocol, in use for any of the growing number of classroom learning technologies. The data also drives our proprietary grading algorithm. Educators can find the Lea(R)n criteria on our site, or access our research brief for a more in-depth explanation.

Download the research brief and rubric.