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Technology empowers educators to improve teaching and learning, but new digital resources enter the market every day. In fact, Lea(R)n’s product library contains more than 3,500 tools. Furthermore, each classroom is unique, so only teachers actually know which products are best for their students.

Sign up today, and discover the Lea(R)n community, where you can share insights into education technology. The LearnTrials platform connects teachers and administrators within schools, across districts and around the country, plus membership is free for individual educators.


Start by grading products you regularly use to quickly create and manage your collection of websites, apps, games and other software. Teachers told us this personal library enables them to access their tools and display feedback, which promotes discussion among members of their community.


Ask questions and talk about education technology. LearnTrials can help you expand your professional network, which supports career development. You will virtually meet tech-savvy educators sharing product grades and best practices.

After submitting feedback on relevant products, educators can view the grade reports and reply with questions or comments. A convenient dashboard brings everything together, including your personal library, professional learning community and notifications, so you can keep track of interactions with fellow users.


Find tools for specific purposes, see what’s working in high-performance schools, or freely browse our comprehensive edtech product library, which includes 3,500+ products. You might learn a new trick or two, or maybe you will organize a complete toolkit for your classroom. That way, you can focus on teaching without worrying if your tools are engaging, reliable and effective.