Framework for Rapid EdTech Evaluation: Consider the 4 Phases of LearnTrials

Numerous organizations — including the U.S. Department of Education, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Digital Promise — have recently highlighted the critical need for systems that enable rapid, yet rigorous evaluations of edtech products in authentic education environments. Lea(R)n is proud to collaborate with others to build and support useful systems for educators and innovators committed to this critical work that aims to improve outcomes for students.

Who is it for?

State, District and School Leaders, including:

  • Superintendents
  • Curriculum & Instruction Leaders
  • Chief Technology/Information Officers
  • Finance & Budget Officers
  • Department Heads & Instructors

Why is it important?

Less than $0.08 of every $1 spent on digital curricular tools is fully utilized.

Our students can’t wait for schools to conduct 3-year studies to determine which tools are best for their needs.

Most U.S. schools are evaluating 3–5 products at any given time. Harnessing those collective insights in context improves decision making & student outcomes.

Lea(R)n developed a research framework that enables phased rapid-cycle evaluation of learning tools, and is offering visibility into that framework to build transparent understanding of their methods, to gain feedback from the field, and to stimulate productive collaborations among educators, researchers, and product companies that are focused on improving the impacts of technologies on learning. The framework is informed by ongoing research, sound statistical modeling, and an emphasis on practical application.

LearnPlatform - Framework for Rapid EdTech Evaluation 1.0

Our edtech management platform, LearnTrials, leverages sound research principles and practices to systematically collect, process, analyze, and interpret real-world data from multiple sources. Educators and their organizations use that data and timely analysis to make effective time- and cost-saving decisions about their edtech budgeting, implementation, and product impact.

Download the research brief and rubric. 

Dr. Daniel Stanhope