Four Utah LEAs Leading the Way in EdTech Measurement and Management

Utah Snapshots-05.png

Aligned with Utah’s Digital Teaching & Learning Initiative (DTLI), the Utah Education Network (UEN) and Utah State Board of Education (USBE) chose to offer a pilot of LearnPlatform to local education agencies in the state.

The comprehensive edtech management system gave all Utah educators the ability to see and share their experiences with education technology tools and provided streamlined inventory management, fidelity monitoring, product impact measurement and reporting for DTLI grants and other needs.  

Using LearnPlatform, Utah LEAs have been able to measure the usage rates and effectiveness of their digital learning tools. Below are brief snapshots of one middle school and three school districts, all of varying sizes, that were able to better organize, streamline and analyze their edtech using LearnPlatform. Read on to learn how each of these Utah learning organizations is using the platform to manage their digital learning tools to guide edtech decision-making and better support their teachers and students.

Salt Lake Arts Academy

Salt Lake Arts Academy (SLARTS) is a public middle school in Salt Lake City serving 500 students in grades 5-8. In an effort to organize its edtech, SLARTS installed the LearnPlatform Chrome Extensions, which allowed administration to identify more than 475 different edtech products being accessed across the school and examine these tools in-depth for usage frequency, compliance and teacher feedback.

Iron County Schools

Iron County Schools is a Cedar City-based district in the southwestern part of the state, home to nearly 9,200 students across 17 schools. Wanting greater visibility into product usage and the strengths of its edtech teacher leaders, Iron County provided educators in the district with the ability to share their personal insights on priority programs, collecting 950 separate data points in just the first round of feedback.

Canyons School District

Canyons School District is based in Sandy, Utah and serves 34,000 students across 50 schools. In Canyons, LearnPlatform is being implemented to help teachers and administrators make more informed decisions about technology use. District leaders use the platform to access all edtech product management tools, including a curated LEA-level library, from a single location.

Granite School District

Granite School District, another Salt Lake City institution, serves nearly 70,000 students in 92 schools. Granite uses IMPACT™ Analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of various edtech intervention programs, and has already found positive results for its ST Math program, primarily among English Language Learners.

Read the full snapshot for each Utah LEA to learn more about how they are using LearnPlatform to support decision making and improve edtech management, by organizing, streamlining and analyzing their digital learning ecosystems.