Finding Something Special at ISTE 2017

ISTE team photo

Good karaoke relies on the perfect confluence of factors — the right singer, the right song, the right time of night, the right audience. So when Susan the librarian took the stage for the last song of the night at ISTE 2017’s EdTech Karaoke and absolutely rocked Proud Mary, we knew we were part of something special.

A conference like ISTE requires that same magic. With hundreds of events, thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees, figuring out what connections and conversations could lead to the perfect solution for your classroom, school or organization can feel overwhelming. My bad knees told me that three days was plenty, but finding the right tool for your students in the most expansive exhibition hall I’ve ever seen takes time and some pioneer adventurer spirit. 

ISTE booth
ISTE tweet

Fortunately, we all had people to help us. While I was frantically texting my former Chalmette High School colleague who uses podcasts in his English class about Listenwise and another friend who teaches a growing refugee population in Wake County about Talkingpoints, our wonderful friends at AT&T had graciously welcomed Lea(R)n into their booth and helped us build even more connections with booth visitors. It’s clear now more than ever that we have to work together if we want to create opportunities for every student.

The network of LearnPlatform users is growing quickly. We’re ecstatic about that because it creates opportunities for teachers, coaches and administrators from independent schools, charter networks, traditional districts and other organizations to come together with the shared vision that results matter. Whether it’s filtering through LearnCommunity reviews in the product library, using tools like the LearnPlatform Chrome Extension to more quickly see what products are being used or using IMPACT™ Technology to build understanding around how effective tools are at moving the needle on student outcomes, Lea(R)n’s team has committed itself to helping schools uncover information that’s always been difficult to surface.

While ISTE 2017 couldn’t last forever, you can take the exhibition hall home with you through LearnPlatform’s Product Library and make sure you’re working toward making results matter in your organization. Thanks, San Antonio! I can’t wait to find out what we learn at ISTE 2018 (and EdTech Karaoke) in Chicago!

Kevin Uy