Districts & States Asked, We Answered: Here’s Your Complete Data Privacy Solution

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For the past 8 months, our Product team at LearnPlatform has had countless discussions with district and state education leaders from all across the country, to discuss a critically important need that schools and districts of all sizes are constantly facing: how to improve student data privacy decisions, from the classroom to the central office.

While some districts across the country, and even states like Connecticut, are already using LearnPlatform to save time and money on their privacy management (Connecticut, for instance, reported a 7,000% return on investment with LearnPlatform), many others are still experiencing growing frustration, without answers to critical questions, like:

  • “How can we get unbiased information about edtech tools, all in one place, to inform our decisions for our own local context?”

  • “How can we see which products are approved by our trusted peers, in our own state and beyond?”

  • “How can we help our teachers know about, share and use tools that are safe (and avoid those that aren’t)?”

  • “How can we increase our capacity while lowering the costs of evaluating a product’s ability to meet our requirements, state regulations and federal laws?”

  • “How do we share with parents our commitment to protecting their children’s private data and the commitments of our contracted tools and partners?”

Well, we heard these questions loud and clear. And since they asked… we answered.

Read below to see some of the new integrations and privacy enhancements coming to LearnPlatform that will truly make it a complete data privacy solution.

Peer Insights with State Drill Down

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Curious what districts like yours are using (or not using)? How about if other districts have reviewed and approved them for their privacy efforts?

The new peer insights heat map will allow LearnPlatform District Professional users to explore and learn from their peers, and includes a deeper, state-by-state drill down.

Provider Documents and Policies

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With K-12 districts using more than 500 edtech tools every month, finding, keeping track and sharing the correct product documents has been a never-ending challenge.

LearnPlatform now makes staying organized and informed even easier with immediate access to vendor documents, like terms of service and privacy policies, and utilize internal contract/document management and status sharing for all stakeholders.

Integrated Content Partners

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LearnPlatform has also integrated student data privacy insights and analyses from other trusted, unbiased sources.

Subscribers can view comprehensive privacy evaluations for more than 500 products from Common Sense Media, a trusted voice by districts and states.  

View badges from partners like the Student Data Privacy Pledge and Project Unicorn when edtech providers pledge to important initiatives around student data privacy and data interoperability.

As a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, we’ll also be integrating data privacy agreements that districts and providers have already activated, in each state, to inform local decisions

Parent Product Library

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The new configurable, parent-facing organization product library allows you to improve communication and transparency by easily sharing documents, contracts, and other important resources with parents, along with district-specific comments, narratives and details around your edtech.

Additional enhancements include streamlining product vetting in districts and states through the LearnPlatform Provider Management module and a single, streamlined way for providers to update their documents and notify users nationwide.