Celebrate YOUR Teachers Every Week

First, we hope all our amazing educators had an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week. You are truly the modern day superheroes to our youth. You deserve to be celebrated, but not just for one week near the end of the school year.

You deserve to be celebrated every day, of every week, no matter the season. That’s why we we work tirelessly to make every week Teacher Appreciation Week! And, any district can too! How? Simple.

Here are the 3 most valuable ways to #AppreciateTeachersEVERYWeek:

1. Give teachers a voice — that actually informs decisions for their peers and district!

With our research-based rubric, we made it simple for educators to share their experience about any edtech product quickly AND in context. Utilizing their insights, the platform creates a report card for each edtech product that answers the real question teachers ask about their tools, and gives districts a better understanding of the right tools needed for THEIR classrooms.

2. Save teachers time!

Every teacher needs more time! We worked with teachers to figure out how we could make life easier. By connecting with others to ask questions about how they use specific edtech tools, providing the largest single product library, and asking questions of our team on almost anything except what’s for dinner, we built an edtech ecosystem that values their time and energy. Ironically, some teachers say they don’t use it “a lot” because it answers their needs quick and gives them time back! Educators can additionally activate the LearnTrials Chrome Extension, which allows them to view insights on any edtech tool around the web. As with all LearnCommunity features, the Chrome Extension is free for educators to activate.

3. Save money while seeing direct return on investment!

Districts that appreciate their teachers’ time and efforts want to activate the LearnEnterprise feature set. Districts currently using the platform empower their educators to share insights, run district wide pilots in 10% of the time, and are able to fully analyze their edtech to see what actually works for their needs and those of their classrooms. These districts typically save between 20% to 60% on their edtech purchasing, allocating more resources to better tools, more professional development, and event more teachers (plus you could fund a AMAZING Teacher Appreciation Week!!!).

Bonus: since using LearnEnterprise means never having to take a edtech vendor call again, administrators get more time to spend with their heroes in the classroom.

We invite you to #AppreciateTeachersEVERYWeekJoin the LearnCommunity for FREE, or talk with a representative to activate your district’s LearnEnterprise features in under 30 days… it’s the last edtech sales call you’ll ever make.