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Three Steps (and One Free Tool) to Make Personalized Learning Financially Viable

K-12 schools and districts in the U.S. will spend $14 billion on education technology (edtech) in 2018, with an emphasis on resources that contribute to personalized learning.  For financial leaders in school districts, that’s a lot to process. The former school CFO in me can’t help but focus on how the growing commitment to personalized learning creates an even larger challenge for budget writers — how to strike a balance between cost-saving while ensuring resources support improved outcomes.

Lea(R)n works with thousands of educators and their central offices around the country to help manage and maximize their edtech spending. With implementations across thousands of schools, we’ve found that school systems that follow these three steps give themselves the best chance of implementing a successful (and financially sound) personalized learning model that makes sense for students and educators alike.

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Personalize Learning @ Scale: A Framework for Identifying (and Improving) EdTech Outcomes for All Students

Effective individualized academic support (i.e., personalized learning) can play a critical role in fostering better student outcomes, regardless of factors such as demographics, environment or prior achievement. While the impact of technology-enabled learning tools has continuously expanded in the U.S., the practice of pairing edtech with best teaching practices and established learning science has created a more efficient and effective means of scaling personalized learning to all students in an equitable manner.

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