Budget season? Relax, we can help.

Budget season? Relax, we can help.

Budget planning is in full swing and lots of questions are swirling around — especially when it comes to understanding instructional technology and its growing importance in your budget.

  • How can you plan and prepare your budget while trying to find and analyze data on current student learning?

  • How can you identify gaps between where you are and where you want to go?

  • How do you evaluate choices amongst instructional priorities (academic freedom, equity in access, personalized learning, focus areas) and weigh options for achieving your goals?

  • How will you evaluate results once you put your plans in place?

  • Do your tools and budget align to school improvement plans?

Are your palms sweating yet? Time for a Pepto? Glass of wine? Both? Never fear. We love helping educational organizations save money and align outcomes with efficacy goals of their edtech. Love it (read more in our post 4 ways to maximize your edtech dollars this budget season). But what is even more rewarding is seeing educators and administrators use our platform to get and analyze much-needed data and results to create a school budget that works for them, not the other way around, and implement more effective edtech practices that empower teachers and drive student outcomes.

A few leading districts like Wake County Public School System and Union County Public Schools have taken steps to simplify the budget planning and measurement process using LearnPlatform. District leaders in Union County quickly implemented a consistent, efficient process for product requests, a library for software contracts and pricing, and are building an approved portfolio to take the guesswork out of selecting instructional tools. This is saving teachers a significant amount of time and providing them with insights from more than 100,000 verified educators across the country.

Wake County Public School System is refining the process for selecting, reviewing and sharing information on edtech using LearnPlatform. They are verifying that the products they’re purchasing are being used and are effective at driving student outcomes.

We’ll be supporting these leading districts as they speak on the value of organizing, streamlining and analyzing edtech ecosystems to establish, then measure an effective budget on a panel at NCASA, the North Carolina Association of School Administrators on March 30-31 in Greensboro, NC. The panel will feature Marlo Gaddis, Senior Director for Instructional Technology and Library Media Services at Wake County Public School System and Casey Rimmer, Lead Instructional Technology Facilitator at Union County Public Schools, and will be moderated by Karl Rectanus (former teacher and CFO for schools, CEO and co-founder of Lea(R)n).

Gaddis and Rimmer both bring extensive knowledge of classroom technology and will be discussing a number of common barriers (think neverending sales calls, marketing hype, lack of useful or substantiated data) that leaders in education often encounter. They will share what they have found about what works, what doesn’t and what they have done to help their schools and districts improve. They will also demonstrate how using a comprehensive edtech management platform has helped them create a system-led way to identify all of the tools they have, which ones they use and if those tools accelerate student impact (read about our IMPACT Analysis), extend budgets, and align to SIPs and compliance requirements.  

Drop us a line if you will be at NCASA and would like to touch base, we’d love to connect in Greensboro.