Back-to-School Resources to Take Your EdTech Management from Mess to Success

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Across the country, backpacks are being packed, hallways are humming, (parents are rejoicing) and edtech tools are being recharged and upgraded as the 2018-19 school year gets into full swing.

For administrators and tech directors, the new year serves as an opportunity to implement new strategies and resources that allow for quicker vetting, more efficient implementation and more deliberate use of their organization's digital learning tools.  

LearnPlatform is a terrific resource to help in this endeavor. The online edtech management and rapid cycle evaluation system allows educators to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech ecosystems in a single, convenient location. You can sign up to try it out here, at no cost.

For additional resources, the LearnPlatform resource center is a great place to find practical (and free) materials and assets that provide even more insights and meaning into your edtech management decisions. From data-driven reports to tools designed to improve personalized learning, you'll find just the thing you need to take your edtech management from mess to success this school year.

EdTech Top 40 Report

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The EdTech Top 40 is a regularly generated report created by our research team that analyzes and shares the latest trends in edtech access. These trends help educators identify tools that are the most and least popular among classrooms across the country to provide valuable insights into what other districts are using.

The 2018 list represents the most accessed edtech products by U.S. education organizations in 2017-18, based on real-time data gathered from more than 300 organizations across the country during spring of 2018.

As with all resources in our EdTech Trends series, administrators can use this research to gain context for their own digital learning tools and make more informed instructional, operational and budget decisions.

Download the 2018 EdTech Top 40 report now.

EdTech Usage Trends Report

Did you know the average school district uses 548 edtech tools? And our research has shown that 90 percent of these tools are being underutilized. That’s according to data collected for our 2017 EdTech Usage Trends report.

The 2017 EdTech Usage Trends report is based on findings from dozens of states and districts across the country that revealed less than one in ten digital learning solutions is used to its full fidelity. What does that mean for you? 

  • Your school or district could be paying for licenses that are seldom (or never) used.

  • Your students may be receiving little to no benefit from many of the edtech solutions you offer.

  • You might be facing an uphill climb when trying to fully aligning technology use with school or district improvement plans.

To identify the trends that are impacting edtech utilization and make this the year you take back control of technology spending in your organization, download the 2017 EdTech Usage Trends report today.

Personalize Learning @ Scale

The Personalize Learning @ Scale Self-Assessment™ is based on a framework we created through working with more than 2,500 schools nationwide. The assessment gives school systems a clearer understanding of their level of organizational development, as it pertains to increasing personalized learning for all students.


The 13-question self-assessment generates a personalized report that not only details your organization’s current stage of edtech management (e.g. exploring, hacking, optimizing, personalizing), it also offers clear and actionable next steps for improvement, to help you get the most out of your edtech spending and (more importantly) further your mission of giving all students access to individualized instruction through the most effective digital learning solutions available.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, take the Personalize Learning @ Scale Self-Assessment now.

Case Studies

Case studies are an invaluable way to identify other schools and districts that are facing similar challenges to your own and examine what solutions they've implemented to improve processes and outcomes.

The LearnPlatform resource center offers plenty of enlightening case studies (from full-length studies that detail every step of the journey to shorter snapshots that offer a high-level problem/solution scenario). These case studies are designed to share how schools and districts across the country have improved their edtech management using LearnPlatform and how you can implement similar strategies to maximize your edtech management and rapid cycle evaluation abilities.

See our full list of case studies here.

IMPACT  Analyses

There’s no better resource for administrators than deeper, more meaningful data to examine edtech efficacy. IMPACT™ is a rapid-cycle evaluation tool that provides data on the costs of edtech initiatives, the extent to which products are used and the impact they having on student outcomes.

IMPACT Analyses integrate data from multiple sources including educator feedback, pricing, product usage and student achievement to produce evidence-based reports and dashboards on the effectiveness of your digital solutions. IMPACT also generates the types of evidence that education organizations need to meet ESSA requirements.

Learn more about IMPACT Analyses here.

Looking for more? 

If you're looking for even more resources to support you this year, check out the LearnPlatform FAQ page, informational videos and edtech grading rubric. Also, be sure to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter for the latest updates, resources, research and more!