ATLIS Chooses LearnPlatform to Support EdTech Management Initiatives for Innovative Independent Schools

Independent schools to streamline procurement and share evaluation data

The Association for Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) has selected LearnPlatform for advanced research, analytics and automation tools to improve edtech discovery, procurement, implementation, and budgeting.

Leveraging the LearnPlatform, ATLIS will offer its network of more than 70 independent schools a customized interface with which to connect to colleagues at other member schools in the ecosystem, sharing best practices, comparing insights and evaluating which educational technologies are working, driving student outcomes and transforming instruction.

“With our collaboration, ATLIS members will be able to network with other innovative educators across the LearnPlatform to share experiences with a wide variety of educational technology resources,” said Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS. “Our members will connect with peers who serve similar constituents and share best practices. This networking will empower our members to focus edtech spending on solutions that have a proven track record of forwarding learning objectives within the community.”

ATLIS advocates for recognition of the role of technology and technology leaders as one of increasing strategic importance to the health and sustainability of independent schools. The emerging role of chief information officer in schools is elevating the need for ongoing professional development for technology leaders as the new role is becoming more critical to the success of schools.

By participating in LearnPlatform’s community, independent school educators can showcase innovations and advance learning in their distinct settings. They have opportunities to engage in professional development support and glean insights from educators working in similar school environments, yet across diverse student populations with different instructional approaches. As part of the agreement, ATLIS member institutions will receive discounts on additional LearnPlatform services including savings on managing all of their edtech, running standardized RFP/RFIs for increased purchasing power, and monitoring impact to inform their local budget and instructional decisions.

“We understand the value of connected leaders committed to doing what’s best for their students and teachers,” said Karl Rectanus, co-founder and CEO of Lea(R)n. “When ATLIS uses the LearnPlatform to connect members with similar missions, their network members learn more from each other more quickly, innovate for their own needs, improve their purchasing power, and help serve their students and communities with the best learning tools.”

ATLIS’ goal is to provide excellent resources that support advancing the organization’s mission and delivering the greatest value to members. The LearnPlatform provides a structure for members to engage in connecting and reflecting about the tools that best enable them to support teaching and learning in their schools.