Working Smarter, Not Harder: Lipman Middle School Uses Data to Evaluate Edtech

We all want what’s best for students and to promote simple solutions to a complex problem; determining whether edtech is being used and driving student learning. While the massive continuing expansion in digital learning tools brings a wealth of opportunities for educators, administrators and students alike, managing and properly utilizing this technology is not always intuitive and can be costly and time-consuming. There is no one-size-fits-all fix when it comes to edtech, and there are few solutions out there that are stepping up to the challenge of organizing, streamlining and analyzing the substantial amount of data and edtech products on the market. Teachers have enough on their plates without worrying about gathering and interpreting data on classroom instructional tools. Fortunately, leading schools and districts are championing initiatives to get relevant insights into how to best buy, use and measure edtech to drive student outcomes.  

Taking charge of their edtech

A part of the Brisbane elementary school district in California, Lipman middle school faced a common challenge among educational institutions - too many edtech options and not enough feedback and data available on the various programs to make informed selections. They found it difficult to determine whether their edtech spending and implementation was resulting in full value for their students and teachers. Actively seeking improvement opportunities and a method to address edtech challenges, Lipman Middle School configured LearnPlatform to organize its edtech.

“I wanted to make sure that the time students were spending in an application was effective and having a positive impact on achievement,” said Jolene Heckerman, Lipman Middle School Principal. “LearnPlatform offered a way to analyze this.”

Improving student outcomes and seeing better ROI

We worked with Lipman to run an IMPACT™ Analysis on the math program they were using to determine how often and in what way the program was being used, cost effectiveness and ROI, insights by usage levels and demographics, and opportunities for implementation. Our research teams offer a step-by-step guided review of the 1.54 million calculations that are produced by an IMPACT Analysis on a single product.  

View the full case study for more results and details of the collaboration.

Pursuing the best learning outcomes for students, LearnPlatform is the only complete edtech management platform working with learning organizations of all sizes on edtech management. Request a free IMPACT Analysis to see how your edtech stacks up.