Taking Guesswork Out of Digital Learning

LearnPlatform - Taking Guesswork Out of Digital Learning

These days, teachers use classroom technology more than ever. The problem is the overwhelming number of products available today and knowing which products and services to use. Lea(R)n’s neutral platform helps educators make informed purchasing and instructional decisions so the right technologies make it into their classrooms in less time. The data-driven solution measures teacher “real use” feedback with other information to create customized, objective “report cards” on classroom learning tools.

“As budgets tighten and technology expands, schools need data to know which products to buy, cancel or expand,” said Karl Rectanus, founder and CEO of Lea(R)n. “LearnTrials gives schools, states and districts a better way to solve this costly problem.

With LearnTrials, schools streamline technology feedback using a research-based online platform with searchable insights on products. LearnTrials quantifies the insights across schools with other data to create personalized dashboards, peer insights and side-by-side comparisons of tech products without ads, gimmicks or bias from companies.

The Silicon Valley Education Foundation, the State of North Carolina, Harrington Park, N.J., and Exploris Charter School are just a few examples of the many public and private schools and districts improving efficiency and decisions with Lea(R)n. Earlier this year, the company was one of 11 companies in the Kaplan Techstars Accelerator and was named the North Carolina Technology Association’s 2014 Company of the Year in Education.
Lea(R)n has hundreds of schools and districts already participating in free trials, offering low-cost subscriptions to improve instructional and financial decisions.